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Close Combat: The Bloody First – Soldier Ratings

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Soldier Ratings

Health indicates if the soldier has been wounded or not. If you are viewing a post-battle Debrief, this field also indicates if the soldier has been killed or captured. Wounded soldiers may return to combat after a time, depending on the severity of their wounds.



Morale indicates the willingness of a soldier to fight on. Soldiers with high morale can handle more stress, and are more willing to face danger, than men with poor morale.



Leadership represents the ability of a soldier to improve the morale of the men around him and to keep his unit together. However, when a unit leader with a high leadership level dies, it can have a devastating effect on unit morale.



Intelligence effects how quickly a soldier gains experience, and reflects how likely the soldier is to go berserk or panic when under stress. Intelligent men are less likely to make such fatal errors.



Strength affects how much weight a soldier can carry, how quickly the soldier becomes fatigued when moving, and how severe his wounds are if he is hit.



Experience is vital for a soldier and affects a wide range of his abilities, including how accurate he is with a weapon, how well he can use terrain for cover and concealment, and how well he conserves ammo. More experienced soldiers do just about everything better than green troops.



Each soldier also has his kills and achievements listed as a cumulative total in Operations and Campaigns.


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