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Close Combat: The Bloody First – The Soldier List

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The Soldier List (shown on the right side of the battlefield Screen) can be toggled on/off using F6 and provides detailed information on the individual soldiers in the currently selected unit, including current weapon, ammunition, morale, and physical state. If a soldier has low morale or comes under fire, his current action can be very different from what you ordered him to do. If When the Detailed Tooltips Option is selected a display of the unit’s capabilities will be displayed in the Force Selection Screen



The most significant action messages in the Soldier List:

Firing Blind – The soldier cannot see the target, but can fire at it anyway. This could be due to smoke, thick foliage, darkness or because they are using indirect fire. The soldier cannot aim effectively. Firing Blind will rarely hit the intended target, and accuracy won’t improve over successive shots.


No Clear Shot – The soldier is holding fire because friendly units are in the line of fire or close enough to the target to be endangered.


Bad Shot – A soldier’s weapon is ineffective against the target, and shooting would be a waste of ammunition.


In Building – An indirect fire weapon, such as a mortar, cannot fire while inside a building or other structure with overhead cover. Wrong Facing – The soldier (or vehicle weapon he’s manning) is not facing the target. Soldiers will automatically correct this situation whenever possible. Rotating a vehicle or turret onto a target takes time and coordination with other crew members.


Saving Ammo – The soldier is down to his last reserve of ammunition, won’t fire it without a Fire order or a high threat/close range target.


Too Close – The target is inside the minimum range of the soldier’s weapon. This is the most common occurrence for mortars that have a 70 – 100m minimum range due to their high angle of fire. You can correct this by moving the unit back or switching to a different target. Check the color of the range text on the target line (white = within effective range; gray = too close/too far).


Steep Angle – The soldier’s weapon cannot depress or elevate to aim at the target. This typically happens when vehicle weapons are trying to target something at very close range or if the vehicle itself is angled on a slope. Move the vehicle to another position to correct this or choose another target.



More possible action messages:

Healthy – In good health and morale. Wounded – Wounded, but is still alive. Unconscious – Out of action due to wounds or being stunned.


Dead – Killed in action. Winded – Tiring but able to recover with a short break.


Fatigued – Very tired and needs to rest.


Panicked – Overwhelmed by stress, the soldier is likely to make very poor decisions. He may recover given time and/or better leadership.


Broken – The soldier’s morale has broken and he is focused only on self-preservation. He may recover given time and/or better leadership.


Routed – This soldier is fleeing the battlefield; he may likely not recover.


Suppressed – Enemy fire is affecting the soldier’s accuracy and rate of fire.


Pinned – Enemy fire is forcing the soldier to keep his head down. He spends more time hiding than firing.


Cowering – Enemy fire has forced the soldier to hide. He will fire only in desperation.


Stunned – Temporarily knocked out.


Heroic – The soldier is confident, is less affected by enemy fire, and has an increased level of performance.


Fanatic – The soldier all but ignores enemy fire and will fight on regardless of the situation.


Berserk – Rage has overcome the soldier, and he acts without fear. Berserk soldiers often charge the enemy. Such displays of fearlessness can inspire those around him.


Also, the soldier’s main weapon and amount of remaining ammunition is displayed along with whether he has a target and is firing. The color of the soldier’s readout will change as his condition changes.


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