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Close Combat: The Bloody First – What is New?

4 October 2019, Friday, 1:17:49

What is New?

For those familiar with the Close Combat series of games, you will notice some significant changes to the look and feel of this release!



3D Engine:

– Line of Sight shading and elevation contour lines (lines of equal elevation)


– Graphics: 3D terrain and camera angle, rotation, and zoom provide a clearer picture of the battlefield.


– Physics: projectiles fly across the battlefield at realistic speeds and can hit unintended targets.


– Movement: Men and vehicles move across the 3D landscape in a more realistic manner.


– Effects: All new visual effects and damage effects to bring the battle to life.


– Lighting: Night, dawn, dusk, and daytime lighting conditions.




Campaign System:

– Branching campaign system leads your US infantry rifle company through linked Battles, Operations, and Campaigns from Tunisia in 1942 to Normandy in 1944.


– The attacker decides the pacing of combat by choosing when to launch their next attack. An exceptional defensive battle can turn the tables on the attacker and seize the initiative.


– Victory conditions are determined by a combination of losses, ground won or lost, and victory locations held.


– Men (who survive) will gain experience over the course of weeks, months, or even years of combat.


– A soldier who performs an exceptional act may earn a skill bonus in that area.



Force Selection:

– Fight with the elements of your Infantry Company (and supporting units) you choose.


– Customize your units with extra equipment above and beyond their basic load-out.


– Form ad-hoc units for special missions such as tank-hunting, assault, or scouting.




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