Code Vein PS4 Controls


PS4 Controls

Code Vein controls for PS4 gamepad controllers. The controls in this guide refer to the default configuration.



X: Examine, Pick up Item


Hold X: Drain


R1 + X: Combo Drain (Mid-combo)


Circle: Dodge


Square: Weak Attack


Square (Behind Enemy): Back Attack


R1 + Square: Special Attack


Triangle : Strong Attack


Hold Triangle: Charged Attack


R1 + Triangle: Launch Attack (focused)


R1: Dash / Combo


RT / R2: Open Gift Menu


R3: Lock on/ Reset camera


R: Move camera


L1: Guard


L2: Parry


L3: Open Quick Gesture Menu (press twice)


L: Move


D-pad right and left arrows : Cycle through items


D-pad Up Button : Swtich Weapon


D-pad down Button: Use Item


D-pad up button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)


D-pad down button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)


D-pad left button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)


D-pad right button: Gift Quickslot 2 (up)


Triangle: Gift Quickslot 1 (up)


Square: Gift Quickslot 1 (up)


Circle Gift Quickslot 1 (up)


X: Gift Quickslot 1 (up)


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