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Cold Waters Tube Settings Guide

10 June 2017, Saturday, 1:04:55


Tube Settings

Tube settings can be modified for the highlighted tube by either using the settings directly or use 1, 2 and 3 to toggle each of the three settings respectively.



Sensor Settings

Passive: Once enabled, the torpedo will use passive sonar to listen for its target. Passive searching torpedoes are much harder for the enemy to detect, but require the target to be making significant noise.

Active: Once enabled, the torpedo will use active sonar to search for its target. While active sonar is very loud, making the torpedo much easier to detect and anticipate by the target, it is very effective at detecting quiet targets.



Search Settings:

Straight Search: Torpedo searches in a straight line.

Snake Search: Torpedo searches in a weaving pattern left and right.

Left Search: Torpedo searches in a circle to the left.

Right Search: Torpedo searches in a circle to the right.



Depth Settings:

Run Level: Once enabled, the torpedo will stay at its current depth.

Run Shallow: Once enabled, the torpedo will change depth to be above the layer (if there is one) and search at approximately 30 ft depth.

Run Deep: Once enabled, the torpedo will change depth to be about 30 ft below the layer, or if no layer exists, search at about 350 ft depth.



If a wire-guided torpedo is enabled and still has its wire intact, changing any of the tube settings will immediately apply that setting to the torpedo.


Torpedoes on a wire have additional commands available:

Cut Wire: Use Shift 4 to cut the wire on this tube.

Activate Torpedo: Use 4 to set the torpedo into enabled mode, just as if it had reached its waypoint.

Edit Waypoint: LEFT CLICK (M) waypoint on either the Tactical Map or Mini-Map and RIGHT CLICK (N) to place it at the current mouse position. Only torpedoes on a wire that have not yet reached their waypoint and become activated can have their waypoint changed.

Steer Torpedo: Use Keypad 4 (Control A) and Keypad 6 (Control D) to manually change torpedo course.

Torpedo Depth: Use Keypad 5 (Control W) and Keypad 8 (Control S) to manually change torpedo depth.


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