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Colony Survival Cheat Codes

3 July 2017, Monday, 0:01:36


Cheat Codes

All the commands

/cheats on – activate cheats in singleplayer

/setflight true – Ability to fly. Press F to switch between walking and flying

/loot Item *see down below for list* amount – gives you the specified amount of an item

/time add # – change the time. 12= half a day. Use negatives to go back in time

/teleport x y z – teleport to the specified area

/teleport banner – teleport to your banner



All item ID’s

“flaxstage1″:”Flax seeds”,
“stoneblock”:”Stone Block”,
“plasterblock”:”Plaster Block”,
“leavestemperate”:”Leaves Temperate”,
“goldore”:”Gold Ore”,
“logtaiga”:”Log Taiga”,
“linseedoil”:”Linseed Oil”,
“wheatstage1″:”Wheat seeds”,
“goldingot”:”Gold Ingot”,
“grasstemperate”:”Grass Temperate”,
“grasssavanna”:”Grass Savanna”,
“ironore”:”Iron Ore”,
“logtemperate”:”Log Temperate”,
“grasstaiga”:”Grass Taiga”,
“berrybush”:”Berry Seed”,
“leavestaiga”:”Leaves Taiga”,
“coalore”:”Coal Ore”,
“commandtool”:”Command tool”,
“grasstundra”:”Grass Tundra”,
“goldcoin”:”Gold Coin”,
“grassrainforest”:”Grass Rainforest”,
“stonebricks”:”Stone Bricks”,
“coatedplanks”:”Coated Planks”,
“ironingot”:”Iron Ingot”,

Note: Remember to remove the quotation marks. They are not part of the actual ID.



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thank you so much man 😀