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Coming Out on Top – Phil’s Romantic Ending Guide


Phil’s Romantic Ending Guide

Eh. I don’t feel up to it.
-No, I want to stay in.
-Ew, are you kidding? Leave it there.
-Sleep like an angel
-Okay, okay, OKAY
-No. Maybe i have something to do.
-Tell them.
-Study, for the love of Christ.
-Can you guys handle this? I’m middle of the something.
-God, FINE!
-You and Penny are pretty close, huh?
-Tell her no.
-All right, all right. Just give me a minute here to get ready..
–Fine, fine i’ll take a look at it, but only to help you find bugs.
-All right, I’ll go only because it’s important to you and I’m the you could ever have or Sure, it sounds interesting.
-Like what? Something from Aesop’s fables?
-Keep the hat on for now.
-The emperor is rich, but he cannot buy one extra year
-Fine, fine i was gonna go anyway.
-You know what? Count me in. I’d like to go.
-Hey, take a deep breath before you hurt something.
-Okay, I’ll check the bar.
-Violet, Phil’s trying to keep you out of trouble. You’re being brat.
-MaybeI think you’re cute. In a jerky sort of way.
-You’re on.
-Souns fun, I’ll be there.
-No. just no.
-Take slow, methodical breaths.
-Lift your head just high enough to see your target and to minimize fatigue.
-Sure, sounds awesome.
-Let Phill handle this.
-Phil, you’ve got more important things about to worry about.
-Kiss him.
-Sure, I’m glad for that
-If that’s the only way I can see you this weekend, I’m up for it.
-I agree, you should have your fun.
-Hell yeah, lets do this [ Save the game here just in case. Select a category and save the game everytime you get a question so even if you answer it wrong you can load the save and try again. And also trivia is important to get good ending with Phil.]
-But was it hotter than Death Valley on July 10, 1913?
-I’d love to.
-You’re asking me to hide the fact that Phil and I are going out? You should be disgusted with yourself.
-Don’t, Phil. Don’t do anything you’ll regret.



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