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Coming Out on Top – Tips & Tricks

18 October 2017, Wednesday, 12:36:04


Tips & Tricks

-Save often, especially at important dialogue decisions. This way, you can play through different relationship paths by loading/saving and you don’t have to start all the way over.

-If you’re trying to save $800 to go on the South America trip with Ian, a quick way to get money is to go on a Brofinder date with Theo. He’ll ask you to pretend to be his boyfriend at a high school reunion for $300, and you can convince him to give you $400. Or, you can go down Jed’s relationship path, there is a point where Jed gives you $1,000 to give to another member of his band, and you have the option to steal the money, but this takes more time. If you’re already going down Ian’s storyline, you just have to save through tutoring. Otherwise, you only need high friendship and $800 to take the trip.

-There is a “Bonus Dates” option on the main menu that lets you go straight to Brofinder dates. Easy way to get through all of them without wasting weekends when pursuing the main storylines.

-This may go without saying, but only pursue one guy at a time if you want bonus endings. You’ll just have to replay the game a billion times to get through everything.




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