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Conan Exiles – Server Admin Commands

4 February 2018, Sunday, 21:18:41


Server Admin Commands

The admin command panel can be accessed in the game by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-C. This gives access to a great variety of functions that admins will use in the game, from spawning items to setting times of day, to cloaking etc.

There are several additional commands that can be run from the command line (insert or tilde to open) which we think admins may find useful for day to day activities.



SummonPlayer[Playername] – Summon a player to your location. Useful for situations where they are stuck etc.

Fly – Will allow you to fly around the world. Extremely immersion breaking…

God – Makes you invulnerable to all damage, but also prevents knockbacks and other secondary effects from being applied to your character.

ToggleDebugHUD – This shows server performance and number of players in the top right and your location co-ordinates in the bottom left.


Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L – Will open a small window that shows your location in a format that can be copy pasted easily. Use this for bugfixing and teleporting to help stranded players.


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