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Confess My Love How to Get the ‘Secret’ Final Achievement

30 May 2017, Tuesday, 3:20:13


Confess My Love How to get the ‘Secret’ Final Achievement

A quick guide on how to unlock the secret achievement in Confess My Love.

After you got all 20 Endings and pressed start

You will see this message.
“The space doesn’t exist, initialization failed.” Do not afraid. It is only about the secret final achievement.



Firstly, download the new update of the game just to make sure it works smoothly, restart steam if you didn’t find it.
Then find the root dir of the game, there will be a folder somewhere like \steamapps\common\ConfessMyLove\System, in which a file named “System.rvdata2” may stay.
Delete it or just rename it once you ever achieved the 20th ending, which will make the game restart just like newly-installed, and you get the secret achievement at the same time.

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