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Constructor Cheats

10 April 2019, Wednesday, 12:43:17


Type one of the following codes and press [Enter] at the single player selection or network player selection screens. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press C after game play begins. A [Plus] character will appear besides the date to confirm  that the selected cheat is active. Note: To cheat with a saved game, display the map  and player screen. Then, enter the desired cheats, select the saved game from the  “Load Saved Game” screen. Begin game play and press C to enable the selected codes.




Faster network game – speed471

Buy worker at any time – worker902

Convert worker into gangster at any time – gangster822

Buy any gangster weapon – weapons473

Select any tenant at any time – tenants127

Build any fence at any time – fences673

Borrow any amount of money from bank – loans039

Buy any estate without limits – estates131

Select any house at any time – houses738

Press [Ctrl] when placing house for instant building – build909

Use any undesirable action on easy level – actions674

Build any gadget – gadgets337

Press [Alt] + I to toggle missions – missions824

Press [Alt] + C to toggle complaints – complain840

Press [Alt] + P for police cadets, [Alt] + M for mob bribes – cadets552

Switch teams in single player mode – teams418

Play any map with any number of players – maps751


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