Controls for Fire Pro Wrestling World – Entrance Craft



PC Controls

Black text describes menu controls. Blue text describes match controls. *Controller vibration can be turned ON/OFF from the Options menu.


Start – Start game/Confirm/Return to mode select/Pause/Resume match.


Directional Pad/ Left Stick – Move cursor/Navigate menu/Change wrestler out t (4 types)/Move wrestler/Select move/Select run direction.


Right Stick – Perform for the crowd. (4 types: Up/down/left/right)


A Button – Confirm selection/Medium move.


B Button – Cancel selection/Big move.


X Button – Small move.


Y Button – Run.


LB – Move cursor left/Breathing recovery/Ukemi. (Allow opponent’s move to succeed.)


RB – Move cursor right/3-D walk. (Walk around opponent.)


RT – Match controls.



Match Controls

Standing Strike

The key to standing attacks is to use weak strikes at the start of a match. Once the opponent becomes tired or hurt, start using medium and strong strikes.




Back and Front Grapple

When the wrestler makes contact (grapple), press the button once at the right timing to perform a grapple move.




Use this command to grab the opponent from behind. This command can be used when the opponent is standing dazed or facing other wrestlers in a multi-wrestler situation.





Opponent Down (Face Up and Face Down) 

When the opponent is on the ground, various moves such as striking or submission holds can be performed.





When the opponent is on the ground, various moves such as striking or submission holds can be performed. You can also pull them to their feet to execute a back grapple or back attack.





Running and Diving Attacks

Use the following commands to use moves while running.




After climbing the corner post you execute a diving attack. Normally this is used against an opponent in the ring, but you can also hit an opponent standing outside the ring. Press the button of the move + towards your opponent using the directional pad/left stick. Note that some wrestlers can’t climb the corner post.





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