Controls for TEKKEN 7




u Up
d Down
f Forward
b Back
N Neutral
f,f Forward Dash
b,b Back Dash
SS Side Step
SSL Side Step Left
SSR Side Step Right
SW Side Walk
SWL Side Walk Left
SWR Side Walk Right



1 Left Punch
2 Right Punch
3 Left Kick
4 Right Kick
1+3 Left Punch + Left Kick
1+2 Left Punch + Right Punch
2+4 Right Punch + Right Kick
3+4 Left Kick + Right Kick
2+3 Right Punch + Left Kick
1+4 Left Punch + Right Kick



Many characters have special movement options such as a crouch dash, a sway back, or a special sidestep. These movement options often lead towards attacks and move options that you normally don’t have access to from the standing position. It is important to know your character movement and move list options and explore their use when picking your arsenal of moves to use when playing against opponents.

f,N,d,d/f Crouch Dash
b,b~SS or duck Back Dash Cancel
QCF Quarter Circle Forward
QCB Quarter Circle Back




Eliza b+3+4 None
Panda b+1+2 f,f+1+2
Lee/Violet d+1+2 d/f+3+4~f,N
Bob d/f+1+2 f,f,f+3+4 Hold
Nina d+1+2 f+2+3~F
Akuma 1,1,f+3,2 None
Kazumi d+1+2 f,f+1+2
Master Raven d/b+3+4 : f+3+4,2 Rage Drive 2: f+3+4,d+2
Miguel b+1+2 d/b+1+2
Kuma b+1+2 f,f+1+2
Eddy b+3+4 f,f+3+4
Yoshimitsu : b+1+2 u/b+1+4 Rage Drive: f,N,d,d/f+1+2
Dragunov d+1+2 f,f,f+1+2, d/b+1+2
Hwoarang During Flamingo d+3+4 : d+3+4,4 Rage Drive 2: u/f+3,4,3+4 or During Flamingo u/f+3,4,3+4
Law 1+2 d/b+4,3+4
Asuka d/f+1+2 f,f+1+2
Shaheen 1+2 d/b+2,4~d/f
Kazuya d/f+1+2 f,N,d,d/f+1+4 or f,N,d,d/f+1+4~U/F (on hit only) Devil Form: u/b+1+2
Heihachi d+1+2 b+2,1+2
Claudio d/f+1+2 b+4,2~f,f
Lucky Chloe 3+4 d/f+3+4 or FC d/f+3+4,1+2 Rage Art can do extra damage with specific timing.
Lili 3+4 d/f+3+4,3
Lars 1+2 During Silent Entry 1+2
King d/f+1+2 d/b+1+2
Jack-7 b+1+2 b,d/b,d,d/f+1,2
Bryan d/f+1+2 b+1+2
Steve 1+2 d/f+3+4,1+2
Paul 1+2 (can be cancelled after initial launch by holding B) d,d/f,f+1+2
Xiaoyu b+1+2 Back towards enemy d+3,3+4
Josie d/f+3+4 f,N,d,d/f+3+4
Jin b+1+2 f,N,d,d/f+1+2,3,1
Devil Jin b+1+2 f,N,d,d/f+4,3+4
Katarina 3+4 During Harrier 1+2
Gigas 1+2 f+3+4 Hold
Leo d/f+1+2 f,f+2 Hold
Alisa b+1+2 f+2+3,3+4 (or f+3+4)
Feng d+1+2 b+1+2 Hold





The ‘Power Crush’ is a new system mechanic which was first introduced in the original arcade release of TEKKEN 7. As its’ name subtly states, the specific moves are designed to crush through attacks by powering through them. It is important to keep in mind that a ‘Power Crush’ will beat and armor through most mid and high ranged attacks, but will lose to low attacks and throws. Each character has a unique set of ‘Power Crush’ tools and attributes — It is important to know the range, speed & properties of your character’s specific power crush, to maximize it’s effectiveness.
Use the ‘Power Crush’ to turn the momentum in your favor. Be aware that not all ‘Power Crush’ moves are safe, in fact, some are very punishable. Keep that in mind as you use this new system tool in your journey to becoming a TEKKEN master!

Eliza f+1+2
Panda During Hunting: 3+4
Panda b+1
Lee/Violet During Hitman: 3
Lee/Violet b+3+4
Bob f+1+2
Nina f+1+2
Akuma 1+2 (can be cancelled with f,f or b,b)
Kazumi f+2
Kazumi f,f+2
Kazumi Time with enemy attack: b+1+2
Master Raven b+1+2
Miguel b+4
Miguel During Savage Stance: 1+2
Miguel During Savage Stance: b+3
Miguel During Savage Stance: b+3~F
Kuma During Hunting: 3+4
Kuma b+1
Eddy During Handstand: 1
Yoshimitsu f+3+4
Dragunov 1+2
Hwoarang During Right Stance: 3~4
Hwoarang During Left Flamingo: b+3
Hwoarang During Right Flamingo: b+4
Law During Dragon Charge: 1+2
Law During Dragon Charge: f+3
Law During Fake Step: 1+2
Law During Fake Step: f+3
Law f,f+3


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