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Controls for Wolfenstein: Youngblood

25 July 2019, Thursday, 18:06:41


This article lists the default game Controls for Wolfenstein: Youngblood on the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.



PC Keyboard Controls

The default control scheme for Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PC is:


Left Mouse Button – Fire Weapon

Right Mouse Button – Iron Sight / Fire Right Weapon

Middle Mouse Button (Click) – Melee / Throw Hatchet

Mouse Wheel Up – Next Weapon

Mouse Wheel Down – Previous Weapon

W – Forward

A – Left

D – Right

S – Back

Q – Tag Enemy

E – Use

ESC – Pause Menu

R – Reload

T – Pep Signal

F – Grenade

G – Flashlight On/Off

J – Journal

Z – Last Used Weapon

X – Dual Wield

C – Cloak On/Off

V – Weapon Wheel

B – Equip ”God Key” (After Aquiring)

Shift – Sprint

Ctrl – Crouch

Alt – Lean/Cover Mode

Space Bar – Jump

Weapon Select – 1 Thru 8


Note: Click to enlarge image;




PS4 Controls

The controls layout for Wolfenstein: Youngblood on the PS4 are as follows:


Note: Click to enlarge image;




Xbox One Controls

The controls layout for Wolfenstein: Youngblood on the Xbox One are as follows:


Left Stick – Movement

Left Stick (Hold) – Sprint

Right Stick – Aim

Right Stick (Hold) – Melee/Throwable Weapon

Touch Pad Button – Journal

LB – Lean/Tag Enemy

LT – Aim/Fire Left Weapon

RB – (Tap) Grenade  (Hold) Weapon Wheel

Rt – Fire Right Weapon

D-Pad Up – Pep Signal

D-Pad Down – Cloak on/off

D-Pad Right – Flashlight on/off

A – Jump

Y – Previous Weapon

X – Interact/Reload

B – Crouch


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