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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Bosses Guide

29 June 2017, Thursday, 14:14:17


Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Bosses

All the bosses in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and how to beat them.


Part I

First Boss: Papu Papu
Papu Papu’s Health: 3

This is the first ever boss on the Crash Bandicoot series, and what a push over he is. First of all, he will spin around three times with his large stick, stand on his throne and wait for him to spin around, jump on his head. Do this three times. It is really that easy, you even have two masks to help you. If the boss is not hurt quick enough, he will swing for you so jump out of the way, and when you hit him for the third time he will collapse, do not stand near him though as he will squash you as his final attack.



Second Boss: Ripper Roo
Ripper Roo’s Health: 3

Before reading the tips, please read this set of maps.

[1] [2] [3]

[4] [5] [6]

[7] [8] [9]

Ripper Roo goes on platforms 5,7 and 9

[1] [2] [3]

[4] [5] [6]

[7] [8] [9]

Ripper Roo goes on platforms 4,5,6 and 8

[1] [2] [3]

[4] [5] [6]

[7] [8] [9]

Ripper Roo goes on platforms 2,4,6 and 8

This is the second boss as you may have guessed. Like the maps suggest, that is his pattern. Always keep off these platforms except for platform 5 (When Roo is not there) and jump from platform to platform, hitting the TNT boxes. Be careful of the crates which explode after a certain amount of time. The trick is to hit the TNT boxes whenever Roo is coming towards them. Do this three times to win.



Third Boss: Koala Kong
Koala Kong’s Health: 4

When the battle starts, he will flex his muscles and start chucking boulders at you, along with TNT crates. Jump to avoid them, he has fantastic aim so its best to just avoid them. After a certain amount of throws he will take a long time to throw one and you will have to spin it to damage him. Again after some time you will have to continue to
throw boulders, hit the special one when TNT crates arrive near Koala Kong’s body. Four hits and you’ve done it!



Fourth: Pinstripe
Pinstripe’s Health: 8

This is the best boss fight in the game in my honest opinion, he has eight strips of health but that is easily broken down. He will start firing at you do hide either behind the table, chair or the basket. When he starts to re-load spin attack him. Do this six times and when he does
his second to last attack, he will shoot at you around three times. Finally he will attack you just once, so you just have to hide and shoot but with two masks, you can’t exactly fail!



Fifth Boss: Nitrus
Nitrus’ Health: 9

This is HARD! The boss will throw a green chemical at the start releasing a ball. Take care of this by either jumping on it or spinning at it WHEN it is in the air. Do this and he will throw around three purple explosions at you Followed by two greens. Dispatch of this the same way as you did before, then avoid the other purple chemicals. Finally he will send three more, destroy these and avoid even more chemicals. He will then drink both chemicals and transform in to a Dr. Frankenstein monster, his weak spot is his head so jump and spin to defeat him.



Sixth Boss: Dr. Neo Cortex
Cortex’s Health: 5

The final boss! Thankfully he only have five health points. He has three attacks, and you have to keep running towards the screen so you don’t fall. His green attack is the one to look for, spin attack it and it will attack Cortex however each time he loses his health you have to build a
collection of green substances to attack him. His purple attack is easy enough to avoid, it just flies by Crash. The blue ones however are nasty as they come towards the screen like the others, but they come left and right too… Five hits and he is dead!



Part II

First Boss: Ripper Roo
Ripper Roo’s Health: 3

Ripper Roo is back from his defeat from the first game. This time, rather than the second boss he is the first, and a bit of a challenge. The area is surrounded by water and you are on a nice big square. Ripper Roo lays down TNT blocks which will explode in ten seconds and nitro squares, which will blow up instantly when touched. The TNT are red
whilst the Nitro are green. The trick to get him is to lure him on to the squares, once Ripper Roo lands on one of the deadly squares, he will be knocked out, losing 33.3% of his health. Do this three times to win, but be careful as his attack pattern often changes.



Second Boss: Komodo Brothers
Komodo Brothers Health: 3

These two mean dragons attack one at a time (Usually) so That is one worry off your case. Or is it? Whilst one of them attacks you on the battle field, the other likes to throw knives. When the first brother starts spinning, avoid his attack until he stops and attack him. His brother will take over throwing knives, once he is done, again hit him.
The brothers will get quite mad at Crash Bandicoot now and for their final effort they will do a combo, throw knives whilst the other one speeds, just avoid their attack and then attack. This fight is similar to the first fight on Crash Bandicoot against Papu Papu!



Third Boss: Tiny the Tiger
Tiny’s Health: 3

Wow! Tiny is HUGE! The area is made up of nine raised platforms. Tiny will chase you around by jumping, and after a certain amount of time, some of the platforms will flash red. These will blow up so quickly lure Tiny on to the platforms, when he does, just at the right time it will damage him. You need to do this around three times to win, but beware that he is much more harder after two hits. Oh and one futher thing, be careful which platforms Tiny destroys when they blow up, once they have blown up, they’re gone.



Fourth: N-Gin
N-Gin’s Health: 4

This is quite possibly the hardest boss in the game. It is Set on one staight platform on a 2D gameplay, and you must destroy Cortex’s right hand man, N-Gin. He will start the fight by firing lasers at you, quickly block his lasers with Wumpa fruit. He will then have the TNT timers on him, fire more fruit back at him. Finally repeat the process to win.



Fifth Boss: Dr. Neo Cortex
Ripper Roo’s Health: 3

This is it! The final boss. You must chase Cortex through space, avoidng rocks and when getting close, spin attacking him. The final fight is quite easy, Cortex will wait for you if you bump in to any obsticles along the way. Good luck!



Part III

First Boss: Tiny the Tiger
Tiny the Tiger’s Health: 3

Tiny is back from his defeat from the last game. This time he serves his purpose as the first boss and he is tricky… at first. He jumps around with his weapon trying to stab you, he is fast so keep running. He will jump around four or five times, to avoid him, keep away from hisshadow rather than Tiny himself, when he is dazed, spin attack
him. He will then send around twenty lions from the holes to attack you, there is no way to defeat them except for jumping on them, or just avoid them until they disappear. Then he will jump for about five or six times, attack once again and avoid his lions. Tiny will now attack at full force, a whopping seven jumps at major speed. Once he has
finished his attack, strike. If you keep dying, after the third time or so, you will get a free mask which should be more then enough to help defeat Tiny.



Second Boss: Dingo Dile
Dingo Dile’s Health: 3

I am sure that this boss, Dingo Dile is the cloned voice of Steve Irwin. Oh well. To defeat this… thing you need to run around his prison whilst he shoots at you. The first time is easy, just keep away from the round circles on the ground. When Dingo Dile has finished his attack, he will aim at you and fire, this causes some of the prison to break down, he does this about three times but don’t worry as there is a slim chance you will be caught in the beam. When you can get a decent path to him, quickly spin attack him or do a belly flop, you have to run away as close to the screen as possible in about three seconds, be careful not to be caught in the prison. Dingo Dile will then explode, taking just one piece of energy from him. Now he will fire many more bullets at you, faster too so keep running around avoiding them, it is best if you run 180 degrees then run in the other direction. Once he has finished, he will fire his beam once again, so make your way through his Armour, then strike and run away to avoid his explosion.. Finally, he will fire around five times but in sets of three, run like crazy then hit him one more time, remembering to avoid the blast.



Third Boss: N. Trophy
N. Trophy’s Health: 3

The third boss is N. Trophy. He has a life-force of three and he has many attacks. For those who have played The Wrath of Cortex, you will be familiar with the style, but for those who don’t; N. Trophy uses several attacks which can either be countered with a double jump or a duck/slide attack. Once you make it across the several raised platforms, spin attack N. Trophy. You need to do this three times in order to win. Just like Dingo Dile or Tiny the Tiger, he becomes for vicious once you have hit him twice.



Fourth: N-Gin
N-Gin’s Health: 6(?)

This is quite possibly the hardest boss in the game. Instead of controlling Crash Bandicoot, you fight the boss with Coco in a space ship. N. Gin appears in a giant robot, just like he did in the last game and he reveals his weak spots as he does. The first time you hit him involves hitting the revealed colored parts on him when he fires
rockets at you. First dispatch of the rockets by firing/avoiding them and then hit him. Then N.Gin will reveal around six areas for you to shoot, but they shoot back causing big damage. When it seems to be over at this point, Tiger comes to Coco’s rescue and attaches himself on to the spaceship, now here’s your chance to fire more powerful shots at the holes. N.Gin could still be alive, however if he still show signs of life carry on shooting his robot suit. Sorted!



Fifth Boss: Dr. Neo Cortex
Cortex’s Health: 3

The final battle! Rather then you just fighting Dr. Neo Cortex like you usually do, most of the fighting is between the two masks, Aku Aku and Uka Uka. For the fight, you cannot touch the fighting masks, if you do you must start over with one less life. Whilst avoiding them, both you and Cortex will fight, he will send weapons of destruction to
get you, avoid them then knock him in to the pit. Repeat this three times whilst avoiding the two fighting masks to complete the game. Well done!


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