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Crashday Redline Edition Achievements

10 August 2017, Thursday, 22:56:01



First win of the day!
Win the first game.


Complete the intro mission


Too much money ain’t a bad thing!
Earn 9000$


10 hours
Play for 10 hours


1 Hour later…
Play for one hour


Beginner’s luck.
Win the first multiplayer match


Around the world.
Drive 40075 Kilometers


Bullets 1
Land 1.000 shots with the minigun


100 hours
Play for 100 hours


Game addicted
Play over 1000 hours.


Bronze stunt!
Make a single combo of 50.000 points


How the artist was born
Create your first track


Buy the incubator


Cars Addiction
Buy all the cars


Silver stunt!
Make a single combo of 200.000 points


You owe me respect
Earn 5000 respect points


Beat the incubator to prove who is the best of the bests.


Gold stunt!
Make a single combo of 1.000.000 points


Bullets 2
Land 10.000 shots with the minigun


Missiles 1
Hit 1.000 times with the missiles


Gettin’ good!
Win 100 multiplayer games


Win 200 multiplayer games


Champion of Champions
Win 300 multiplayer games


Win 200 games


Missiles 2
Hit 10.000 times with the missiles


Missiles 3
Hit 100.000 times with the missiles


Win 100 games!


Born to win
Win 300 games


Bullets 3
Land 100.000 shots with the minigun


Bullets 4
Land 1.000.000 shots with the minigun

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