Crashday Redline Edition – Colored Names Guide


Colored Names

How To Change The Colour Of Your Name On MultiPlayer

Well actually it is very simple. Just go to your steam profile where you can change your nickname all you need to do is set “\” and a random number (0-9) behind that “\”.

For example with default name:


Ingame the name will shown green then.




Different Colors

So in this part you will find that; what number is for which color that you do not really need to switch through everything.


“\0+name” = black color
“\1+name” = red color
“\2+name = green
“\3+name” = something like yellow/orange
“\4+name” = dark blue
“\5+name” = pink
“\6+name” = light blue
“\7+name” = i guess standard white
“\8+name” = some kind of light grey
“\9+name” = darker grey




Multicolered names

As it is possible to use more colors then just one you can be creative and play a littlebit with your name and the colors. All you need to do is to put infront of every letter “\+number of color you want”.

So you can have like very much colors in your name or you can put in the colors of your nationality flag or what else like i said its up to you and you can be creative.


I created an example for you that you can imagine something and see what i mean if you dont get this in the text.

For Example;



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