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Creativerse PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide

8 May 2017, Monday, 19:57:00



W – Move Forward

A – Move Left

S – Move Back

D – Move Right

Space – Jump

Shift(Hold) – Run/Sprint

Left Click – Pull Blocks

Right Click – Place Blocks

Also, To mention, with the WASD Controls, You can move those around any way!
Such as combinations WA, WS, AS, AW, DS, DW, SW, SA.

Certain combination keys will allow you to stay in that one area.
Combinations WW, WS, SW, SS, DA, DD, AA, AD

These will only work if you push them once. But if you want to move Northeast, or other directions, Just press the keys at the same time!!!

Also to move your View, Move your mouse around!

M – Map

Q – Crafting menu

E – Inventory (40 Slots!!!)

TAB – Glove, Weapon, And Tool Switch.

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