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Crossout – Factions: Reputations, Workbench, Crafting

27 July 2017, Thursday, 22:57:10


Crossout – Factions: Reputations, Workbench, Crafting

The factions represent your progression in the game.

The reputation you win in battle is basically your experience. At each level gained in a faction, you unlock pieces of vehicles that are clean to each. Post tutorial, you have a free workbench (white) in the engineers, which serve as a benchmark on your advancement. After a while, you can choose a second faction.

Here is the list:

Engineer: Your basic faction. Their vehicles are good at everything, but master of nothing. You can basically do everything with engineer parts. But no more.

Lunatics: The closest one can get crazy without losing the ball. This faction relies on extremely agile, lightweight, and hand-to-hand vehicles. The separate armaments of this faction are: explosive shotguns, rocket launchers, spears, and any melee craft, from the circular saw to the combine harvester reconfigured into metal crusher.

Nomads: These strange men traverse the desert in caravans, and boning aircraft fuselage to create their vehicles. This time, the emphasis is on medium and long range combat, as well as above-average shielding, while preserving mobility. They also have interesting technologies, such as attack drones, or the camouflage chameleon system.

Scavengers: This third faction is very much played, Relies on overwhelming firepower, to the detriment of speed. Truck steering, cannon mounted turret, chariot tracks, their vehicles are imposing, slow, and having a colossal firepower.

Stepparents: The latter, apparently arrived recently, is unlocked only at engineer levels. And I think that justified it. These are military-grade equipment. Their vehicles are robust, equipped with advanced technologies: fully automated machine-gun, remote-controlled missile, walking vehicles, and even artillery cannon, capable of pulling at very long distance in lobe. To summarize Engineers: Versatile, basic faction.

Lunatics: Melee, fast but fragile. Nomads: Medium / long distance, Good speed and shielding. Scavengers: Firepower, Slow but very durable.

Stepparents: Adaptable, rather slow but tough By choosing your second faction, you can access new models of vehicles and workbenches in addition to parts for each level reached at home. These benches allow you by a craft system to get the rare coins, and having specific characteristics. They will, however, cost you a lot of scrap, copper (Raid Reward only), items you’ve gotten into battles as well as maybe other rare materials. Moreover, choose your parts well, because unlike the common bench (white) engineer that is free.

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