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Crusader Kings 3 – How to Create an Alliance

How to Create an Alliance

An Alliance is created automatically between two characters who are married. In addition, two Rulers can negotiate an Alliance if one of the following requirements are met:


  • Both rulers are at least 4th degree relatives


  • Two Close Family members of the two rulers are married to each other


  • One of the rulers has the Defensive Negotiations diplomacy lifestyle perk


The acceptance of an Alliance is determined by the difference between the tiers of the two ruler’s primary titles, the difference in military power as well as their¬†Opinion of each other. In addition the acceptance can be affected by the following:


Source Acceptance
Terrified +100
Intimidated +50
Vassal +40
Claims +25
Same House +15
Heir +10


Source Acceptance
Rival -100
Evil Faith -80
Hostile Faith -60
At War -50
Astray Faith -40
Different Faith -20


A proposed Alliance can be accepted by using a Hook, either Weak or Strong.


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