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Crusader Kings 3 PC Cheat Codes

PC Cheat Codes

These commands allow you to cheat and alter things can normally never change. If you want to enter cheat codes, you must not be playing an Ironman Mode match. The debug menu is disabled during those games. If you’re in a normal game, there are a few ways to open the command console:


  • The “`” key


  • “SHIFT + ALT + C”


Command What It Does Example
yesmen AI characters will accept all proposals. Enter again to disable. yesmen
generate_cadet_coa Generates a new coat of arms for the player character’s dynasty. generate_cadet_coa
instamove Armies can move one full barony per day. instamove
map_editor Opens the map editor. map_editor
nomen AI characters will refuse all proposals. Enter again to disable. nomen
observe Enters observer mode. observe
play Switches your playable character to another character. play 1234
portrait_editor Opens the portrait editor. portrait_editor
set_is_ai Gives AI control over a character. set_is_ai 1234
set_is_player Gives player control over a character. (Disables AI control) set_is_player 1234
instabuild Constructions in the player character’s domain are finished in a single day. Enter again to disable. instabuild
instabirth Pregnancies only take one day. Enter again to disable. instant_birth


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