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Crusader Kings 3 – Raiding Guide


Raiding is the process of attacking the Holding of another character without requiring to be at war with them in order to gain Loot. In order to Raid a ruler must be of either Pagan religion or Tribal government. Once a ruler has been Raided it cannot be Raided again by the same enemy for 5 years. Holdings that have been Raided will have a torch icon above them.


Raiding is done via Raiders, armies raised in owned provinces for the purpose of Raiding that can carry loot based on the army size. Raiders cannot embark unless the character is Norse. While Raiding the army cannot move, allowing the attacked character to raise an army against the raiders if possible. If a Raider army is defeated all Loot will be recovered.


If a Commander has raided at least 20 times each raid has a chance to grant them the  Raider trait equal to the amount of times they raided.


If the raided Barony is a Ruler’s Realm Capital raiding may capture or kill courtiers or family members.


If the Liege is the army’s Commander after the Holding is raided there is a 30% chance they will gain the option to sack its County. The chance is increased to 50% if the Liege has the  Raider trait. Sacking the County will grant additional Gold and Prestige while the County will gain -40 Development Progress. It will also give the County the Recently Sacked modifier for 20 years, which prevents any Holding inside from being sacked again and gives it +20 Popular Opinion. Sacking a County will grant +10 Stress if the character has the Compassionate or Forgiving traits.


Maintenance cost for armies raised as raiders is reduced by 50%.


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