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Steam Achievements

To unlock the following, you have to play the game and collect/Earn achievements. You can find those earned achievements in your Game-Main menu or you can view them if you signup at one of the Steam communities.



Geno Rule

Finish a run with the Geno Class Battleship



Hammer Rule

Finish a run with the Hammer Class Battleship



Excelsior Rule

Finish a run with the Excelsior Class Battleship



Void Rule

Finish a run with the Void Class Battleship



Jericho Rule

Finish a run with the Jericho Class Battleship



Kaos Rule

Finish a run with the Kaos Class Battleship



The greatest admiral of all time

Finish a run in hard difficulty



The Impersonator

Unlock Takeshi Sung



The Kid

Unlock Hiro Yoon



The Tech Med

Unlock Saul Bayardo



The Mech Soldier

Unlock Joe D. Redd



The Crazy Repairman

Unlock Makk



The Weasel

Unlock Weezz



The Tech Specialist

Unlock Karl P. Opper



The Ace Pilot

Unlock Kara Moon



The Evangelist

Unlock Sister Kalypso



The Inquisitor

Unlock Brother Korto



The Anonymous

Unlock Anton N. Onymus



The Smuggler

Unlock Mina Silk



The lucky charm

Unlock Maximus Akai



Jeef Skeejj

Beat sector 1 Boss



Jeef Skagg

Beat sector 2 Boss



Jeef Merkk

Beat sector 3 Boss



In space, no one can hear you scream

First death



Careful planning

Win an expedition without any commando loss



Plan for the worst

Win an expedition with a predicament without any commando loss




Win an expedition while losing all commandos



Things persisted in not being what they seemed

Meet the Neo-N Child



Kill the Doctor

Find and Kill Doctor Landa



Chapter I: Echoes

Complete chapter 1



Chapter II: Fallible Flesh

Complete chapter 2



Chapter III: The Man Who Sold the World

Complete chapter 3



Chapter IV: Through the Looking Glass

Complete chapter 4



Chapter V: Memories of None

Complete chapter 5



A Rock in the Dark

Choose to Search for Earth



A Frozen Lady

Choose to Spend final days with Rebecca



Emperor of Misery

Choose to Rule harshly for ten centuries




Choose to spare Oberon



Meet your maker

Meet Oberon on Elyseum




Find Rebecca on Lazarus 9



Through the mirror

Meet Ellys Idaho



Second Coming

First awakening dialog played



The Shutdown

Learn about the Shutdown with Bowie




Meet Mother



Pope Zenon

Meet Pope Zenon




Meet Tesuo



General Vivar

Meet General Vivar



Admiral Okonkwo

Meet Admiral Okonkwo



The Survivalists

Meet the Survivalists



Back to Ganyma

Go back to Ganyma



May His passing cleanse the world

Overcome the expedition Sandworm situation



Knightmare Frames

Overcome the Kosh Mech situation


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