Cube World Server Admin Commands


Server Admin Commands

Console commands can be entered by pressing ENTER and typing in the command.


/say {message}

Sends {message} to all players.



/kick {player}

Forcibly disconnects {player}.



/setclock {time}

Sets the current world time to {time}.

{time} must be in 24hr clock format, e.g. ’13:37′.



/ban {player} [reason]

Blacklists a {player} and announces it in chat as ‘{player} has been banned: [reason]’.

If no [reason] is specified, ‘No reason specified’ is used by default.



/unban {IP}

Unban an IP address.



/kill {player}

Kills a player and announces it in chat as ‘{player} was killed’.



/stun {player} [duration]

Stun {player} for [duration] milliseconds. (1 second is 1000 milliseconds)

If no [duration] is specified, {player} will be stunned for 1000ms.



/heal {player} [amount]

Heals a player for [amount] HP.

If no [amount] is specified, {player} will be healed for 1000 HP.



Sends a private message to {player} in the format ‘{you} (PM): {message}’.




Displays information about the server, including the current cuwo revision and OS.




List the names of all connected players.




List the names and world locations of all connected players.

/whereis [player]



Shows your position if [player] is left blank.

Shows [player]’s position if specified and if player is currently online.

/login {password}



Elevates your permissions to enable Admin Commands.

{password} is configurable in config/, by default it is ‘changeme’.



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