Cultist Simulator – Time and Seasons

Time and Seasons

Time is an automatically running verb. It consumes 1 Fund each circle or day. Also, for each day, the time verb will generate 1 random event that marks the subject of this day.




If you cannot afford 1 Fund to buy food, you will enter the day of starvation. This verb will automatically turn 1 Health into 1 Hunger. Hunger expires very fast and you need 1 Funds to turn it back to health with Dream. If the verb cannot find any Health, you will die of starvation.



A Pleasant Day

Nothing unusual about this day, you get a Contentment after this day.



Despair and Visions

These two days are simple, however, they may drive you into madness if not taken care of easily. A despair day will automatically eat up the dread on your table. If any dread is absorbed, it will remain on the table until you even the despair with Contentment or until it ends your game. Vision has the same mechanism, however, the trigger sensation is Fascination and the cure is Dread. After absorbing 3 Dread or Fascination, the verb will start the ending countdown, if still no Contentment or Dread is placed on the table, you will die of craziness.




The day of ambition is closely related to victory. However, before you reach level 3 desire, it will produce 1 Restlessness, which will become Dread if not work it out with passion, each time it happens. After you have reached level 3 desire (Dream it with lore to reach level2, Work it with Stag Door, and a level 6+ lore to reach level3), the ambition verb will help you to ascend to a higher level of desire. The power desire requires 1 Funds for each ascension, the enlightenment desire 1 Prisoner, and the sensation desire 1 corpse, lunatic, or prisoner. Each time you ascend your desire, it will also give you two advancement for the corresponding attribute (Power-Health, Sensation-Passion, Enlightenment Reason); on the other hand, if the desire is not satisfied, your desire level will descend into a -1 level one(with 3 as a minimum), and one of your attributes will be turned into cooldown as well. Upon reaching level 6 desire, you can use the Rite Intercalate to invoke victory with the desired card and a certain level of its corresponding aspect (36+ for minor victory and 50+ for major victory).




This is perhaps the most dangerous season you will encounter. It feeds on your reputation card.


Before a hunter is presented, it will absorb Mystique and Notoriety to create one. If it cannot find any reputation, you will get 1 Contentment.


After a hunter appears, it will still absorb the reputation, but the hunter will be able to create Evidence from Notoriety. There are two levels of Evidence, Tentative Evidence, and Damning Evidence. The Tentative Evidence is created from Notoriety and the Damning Evidence is upgraded from Tentative Evidence with Notoriety. Not every attempt of the hunter will succeed, normally the success rate of creating and upgrading is 70%; but for a hunter with Meticulous aspect, the rate will always be 100%; and for a hunter with Erratic aspect, the rate will be 63% but for a 10% chance, this hunter will create a Notoriety out of nothing.


When your Evidence is upgraded into level 2, your follower will be questioned and put on trial. If they cannot find a follower, they will target you. This is the time when the favor you get from Manus comes in handy since it will bill you out of the trial. If you don’t have a favor, you will have a 70% chance to lose that follower, or you yourself, which will end your game. Please make sure the situation would not get this bad by murdering the hunter or destroying the Notoriety and Evidence.


However, in the season pool, there is also an option that nothing occurs at all. In that case, this verb will not be bothering you for the 60s.


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