Cultist Simulator – Useful Tips & Tricks

Useful Tips & Tricks

-Manage your table wisely! Put things in particular order.



-The Physician opening will be the easiest way to get to know this game since it provide you with enough Funds to survive.


-Learn any language as soon as possible.



-Choose the Principle of your Cult wisely, the level 10 follower is quite strong at this stage of the game: Forge, Grail and Lantern could make you win the game easier; Moth could destroy evidence easily. Note that you cannot have a level 10 follower if your founding principle is Secret Histories.



-Destroying evidence is much useful than killing the hunter himself, but you may want to get rid of the strong ones. The Weary Detective is the weakest hunter, which means it is the best to keep on the table.



-The game will not autosave when quitting from the Mansus map, you can just save before the map and then exit/load on the Mansus map to optimize your gain.



-Send 1 Summoned being and 1 Fund into the vault to see its requirement.



-Sun Rite will be the best ritual since it only consumes influence. Together with a Knock disciple will make summoning much easier.



-The Commissions from 4 Patron could be handled easily if you have master a circle of time. And you can upgrade the lore easily when doing commission since it will produce a lot of Erudition/Glimmering.



-Keep an eye on Despair and Vision verb, not let it rise to level 3.



-Frangiclave is much better than mirror since it will not break. However, you can obtain more than 1 level 12 mirror in the game.



-You can prevent the summoned creature from expirin by talking to them or let them explore since their lasting time will not countdown when working.



-As for Mansus, the best reward is alwasy Secret Histories fragments. Sometimes a high level influence could also be useful in summoning.



-Get all books that give Passion or Reason at any cost!


-Sickness is quite annoying when you are low in Funds at the beginning, if you see an upcoming sicknees, you may want to Study health in advance.


-Somethings a visit of Cabaret will save your life, but for most of the time, it is just a waste of money.


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