Cuphead – Beppi the Clown Guide – How To Beat


Beppi the Clown Guide – How To Beat

In this boss fight, Beppi will have 3 different stages. One where he rams at you with a bumper car and you try to avoid it (while hitting floating ducks). The second stage consists of him Inflating into a giant balloon, and shooting smaller dog balloons at you while you try to dodge a roller coaster. After this, he will start to ride on a horse and throw horse-shoes at you. These can also be easily avoided. For his final stage, he will transform into a giant merry-go-round / rollar coaster abomination and you neeed to try to hit him as many times as possible before the guys with the baseballs come out.


Phase 1

-For the first stage, the weapon I would recommend using is the “Tracer”. This can be helpful as you don’t have to focus on dodging and shooting at the same time.




-For this stage all you really need to do it avoid the bumber car and shoot the ducks. Don’t forget to parry the pink ones!

-In this stage, you can tell when Beppi is about to run at you by him moving his bumper car back slightly and a change in facial expression.

-Soon enough, you should have shot him enough times to kill him momentarily for that stage and move on. Prepare for the rollar coaster!



Phase 2

For this phase and the rest of the fight, I would recommend using the “Spread” weapon, as it allows more shots and DPS on this boss, which will progress the game quicker.




-During this fight, I would recommend staying in the middle of the floorboards and getting a good rhythm down as you jump over the rollar coaster, and avoiding the evil balloons as they come from below and above.

-There will be pink dog balloons to parry, so watch out for those! It will help down the road.

-Just aim upwards as much as possible to get this phase done and over with as quickly as possible.



Phase 3

-This phase is easier than most, once you get the pattern down.

-Beppi will either come in on a gold horse or green. Green shoots horse-shoes which will swing up and down, while the gold ones do a boomerang-sort of pattern.


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-An easy way to beat this phase it to go under Beppi and do as much DPS to him as possible. This will speed up the process and eventually bring him into his final form.

Sidenote : I would recommend at least 2 HP on this last phase, its hard!



Phase 4 (Final Phase)

-For this final phase, I would recommend going right up to Beppi as soon as possible and doing as much DPS to him before he starts to attack. Use your super if you have it at this time as well.




-He will then start to bring deadly roller coasters around you, so you need to stay above, bouncing on the top while shooting at him constantly.

-After this, he will send out minions to shoot out baseballs. The best way to avoid these is by going from one side of the screen to the other constantly bouncing.

-After this, you should have beaten him.

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