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Cuphead – How To Unlock 2-Strip Technicolor Filter Mode

5 October 2017, Thursday, 18:57:55


How To Unlock 2-Strip Technicolor Filter Mode

Get 17 letter grade A or higher (A+ or P for being a pacifist) when completing all of the World 1 to 3 boss levels. Then go talk to the monocle Fork man in the middle of the World 3 (Inkwell Isle Three) map to unlock this secret mode.


Turn on these newly unlocked secret mode by pausing the game, and selecting the Options menu, then going to the Visual menu to turn it on under “Filter” (press left / right to switch filters).


[vsw id=”z6Tm8BQpaeY” source=”youtube” width=”630″ height=”404″ autoplay=”no”]




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