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Cuphead – Inkwell Isles – Hell – How to Beat Every Boss

3 October 2017, Tuesday, 14:16:43


Inkwell Isles – Hell – How to Beat Every Boss

King Dice in All Bets Are Off

This fight changes based on what number you parry on the die. Boss Fight Database has a great vid that shows each one of these fights. Note: Where there’s a heart, you get a health increase!



King Dice tips as they come in:
1. For the finale try to parry the cards multiple times.



The Devil in One Hell Of A Time

Phase 1. “Spread” shot is recommended here, for best damage.
a. Watch out for the purple demon running across the screen at you.
b. Head stretch. He will come across the screen at you. Run to the end, there will be a curl up behind his head where you can safely stay. Dash to the end when he retreats.
c. Arm stretch. He will grow horns, and the arms extend off screen and back in on both sides, you need to duck or jump and dash to avoid getting hit.
d. Wand toss. There’s a few of these. He will swing a wand that will make 4 projectiles, one will be parriable. Another is 4 with none parriable, one with 5, one in the middle parriable, and finally one with I think 8 projectiles with one or none parriable you have to avoid.
e. Spider head. Spider head will drop down at you.

Phase 2.
This flying axe could be the most annoying projectile in the game. It floats and hovers in a circle, expanding that you have to dodge. His eyes crossing will be the trigger. You will initially have 5 platforms to jump to. Beware the falling poker chip, it will have a blue flame and fall down on a platform. When he winks a batbomb will fly out, parry it as soon as possible.

Phase 3.
He will yell, and 2 platforms will fall. 2 purple demons will appear on each side, and shoot skeletons at you. One will be parriable and that might make the other easier to avoid. Be aware that you will still have to contend with the poker chip falling on a platform. Bats will also appear in the upper left and right hand corners, they will swoop down at you.

Phase 4.
He will start crying, and only the center platform will be left. Beware the poker chip falling! He will cry tears down, making this hard to dodge!

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