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Cuphead – World 1 – How to Beat Every Boss

30 September 2017, Saturday, 1:39:05


World 1

Botanic Panic (The garden bed)
Three enemies here.
1. Potato. He will shoot things with plenty of room to jump in between. The worm is parriable.
2. Onion. He will cry, and tears will fall from the sky. Dodge these.
3. Carrot. He will shoot mini carrots as homing missiles. Dodge them. He also has a psychic attack when his eyes light up. It will be a circle ray. Dodge it. Also don’t forget to use your super!



Clip Joint Calamity 
1. First phase is easy enough with one frog shooting easy projectiles to dodge if you are at the far left of the screen, while the 2nd shoots a firebug that acts like a space invader attack.
2. Second phase is easy if you stand in the middle of the screen. Fight the 2nd frogs wind attack (hilarious) while dodging the first frogs projectile.
3. Third phase is a bit harder but easy to manage. It turns into a slot machine with 3 possible attacks. (parry the slot machines arm)
a. Frogs. Easies to dodge, just jump and avoid the spikes on the sides.
b. Bulls. Look for the blob to see if the attack will be coming from the top or bottom of the spiky barrels.
c. Tigers. A bit harder in that the barrels will have balls of flame. You can stand on top of the barrels safely as long as you avoid the balls.



Ruse of an Ooze (Moving trees top left of map)
This guy’s phase 2 he grows, and is hard to dodge. Skip this for now until you have enough coins to buy the “smoke bomb” charm from the store, which allows you to take no damage while dashing.



Floral Fury (Patch of grass top right of map)
This guy has a few main attacks, from dropping seeds which sprout into turrets to shooting things from his mouth. The things to watch out for are:
1. Root attack. When this happens stand on the middle cup. You will see roots spring up to two different cups. The 3rd one will be safe.
2. Full screen melee. You can watch for this with the glow of his face, as if he’s pointing level it will go out to the cups, if lower, he will extend below the cups.



Threatenen Zeppelin (Top right of map)
You are a plane for this one! There are several phases in this one, be prepared for a long one.
a. The grumpy girl. Her words “HA” is a projectile. She has a delay and coil before she charges for her full screen attack. This can also hits you while she comes back on the screen! Also a minibomber that shoots projectiles. She will change back to this occasionally. When she uses her tornado, be sure to hit “y” to be smaller and faster, making it easier to dodge.
b. Bull. There isn’t much delay for the full screen melee here, so be careful! Also with the bomber and projectiles.
c. Twins. This has a ball turret that makes projectiles in a 360 degree attack.
d. Cupid. Shoots arrows, as well as homing star projectiles. Remember to hit “Y” to become smaller and get in better position!
e. Crescent moon. This dangerous form shoots stars as projectiles. Spaceships come over the top, and the beams straight down will shoot at you.



Mausoleum (Lower middle of map)
Very straightforward and easy. Parry the ghosts.

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