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Cuphead – World 2 – How to Beat Every Boss

30 September 2017, Saturday, 15:48:19


World 2

Sugarland Shimmy
Prepare for madness. Several candies will come out. All the while the main character can snipe at you, also letting out a tiny knight from the bottom right of the screen, so watch out for it. It makes a little “HA” sound. In no particular order since these come at you at random:

a. Waffle. This guy comes out in a circular motion, while jumping apart, top and bottom diagonally, with his middle pieces horizontally. Very long range.
b. Gumball machine. He stays towards the middle running back and forth, but he shoots gumballs from his head that you have to dodge while they fall down.
c. Jawbreaker. Utilize a circular motion here, dodging him and the center piece.
d. Candy corn. This guy can be frustrating since he seems to have semi-random movement. Left,right ,up and down in a snakelike pattern. Try utilizing the pad in the middle, so you can jump up or down accordingly.
e. Cupcake. This guy is probably the hardest. He jumps up and straight down, or up and diagonally left and right. He also has splash damage coming out in waves from the ground where he lands.

During the last phase, Baroness Bon Von Von takes ahold of the factory, coming at you and shooting projectiles. The head will follow you, left right and up and down a set distance. This becomes extremely hard when the peppermints start to roll at you. Try to utilize up and down tactics, and avoid the peppermints when necessary. Very hard fight.



Pyramid Peril (Plane level)
The genie has 5 phases.

Phase 1. The genie sits in one spot, shooting one of three projectiles at you.
a. Swords. Several of these come out at random, start spinning, then come straight at you.
b. Cats. Several of these hover and follow.
c. Jewels. These are more straight at you that you have to dodge. Remember “y” to get smaller and faster! These are the hardest to dodge (imo) and I would just retry. You almost can’t afford to lose a life here.

Phase 2. Side scrolling action with sphere pillers. Hit the ones that have a face to blow a hole in it. All while dodging the spinning swords on the lances.

Phase 3. Sarcophagus. You have a new weapon on the plane now, try switching to the bombs to bomb the genie, while avoiding the ghost projectiles, that you can shoot as well. Easiest to stay at the top of the screen here. He shoots 2 planet projectiles, moving in opposite directions, while coming at you. One goes up and down a small amount, next it goes up and down alot. Pass these when they are on the short cycle.

Phase 4. Doppleganger. Meet the Genie version of you! Dodge his hat projectile while he also shoots water at you!

Phase 5. Pyramids. He shoots 3 pyramids that hover in a circluar motion. The one that lights up with shoot a projectile in a solid line in the 4 cardinal directions.



Carnival Kerfuffle
Phase 1.Beppi the Clown will try to run you over. Then pause and go to the opposite side in the car. Watch for the pause and flashing trigger. Also shooting the ducks on top will make them spin, and you can hit them (while jumping over balloon man in his car) without taking damage.

Phase 2. Balloon head will be in the middle of the map. He will send doggie head projectiles and Roller coasters at you.

Phase 3. Pony Rider. He will be throwing rows of horseshoes at you. They go straight, then in worm fashion, also hovering and dropping down at you. Also rollercoasters will be trying to run over you again.

Phase 4. Carosel. He will be in the middle. You can stand on the carosel cars, but be sure when he starts letting penguins out of his mouth you kill them asap. They will throw baseballs at you and a bunch of them are hard to dodge. Having super art “Invincibility” and saving it for the penguins was my winning strategy.



Aviary Action (Plane level)
Phase 1. The bird will have a few attacks here.
a. Eggshell. Easy to dodge when it comes at you, but when it hits to the left it will fragment into 3 pieces coming back at you, one horizontal and the other 2 diagonally up and down!
b. Bullets. Watch out for his glove, which prompts you to the bullets being shot at you, one horizontally and the other 2 diagonally up and down.
I find staying at the top with the bombs projectile to be most effective. Using “y” to dodge the reflecting eggshells when needed.

Phase 2. The whistle will let you know this is coming. He gets angry and shakes feathers at you in true bullet hell. Hit “y” to become smaller and faster to dodge these! Also use the regular shot to keep up the damage while dodging.

Phase 3. Tweety bird comes out of his house to play. He has spiky eggshells as a flying deterrent circling him, and watch for him to pull out his gun to shoot a projectile at you.

Phase 4. Stretcher. He is being carried by 2 birds who take turns shooting projectiles at you. The pills break in half and come at you.



Fiery Frolic
Only the coolest looking dragon ever. I recommend the “chaser” shot here, as you can dodge and not have to worry about aiming at him.

Phase 1.
a.Watch his eyes light up for the ring attack. Multiple platforms here to make use of. Rings are straight at you and fairly straightforward to dodge.
b. When he starts sucking in air watch out for the great balls of fire. Try to stay at the top right of the screen here. They will make a carrier wave pattern here. (sometimes a twin fireball pattern.) Also watch for his tail below. It will wag for a second, telling you where it will come up from.

Phase 2. When he flies off in the distance and then the other side of the screen. A few things to watch out here for.
a. Nostril flame attack. You know this is coming when you see him blow smoke. The fire blows straight up.
b. Fire children. These guys dance on his tongue at the bottom of the screen. When you here gleeful laughter, you know they are about to jump up from his tongue and at you. I recommend jumping straight up when you here them, then using dodge left or right. Be careful to not fall off the clouds!

Phase 3. Hydra dragon time.
a. He will shoot fire balls at you, that break off in the 4 cardinal directions.
b. When you see the red tank, he will shoot a great flame directly forwards.

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