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Cuphead – World 3 – How to Beat Every Boss

1 October 2017, Sunday, 18:24:07


World 3 – How to Beat Every Boss

Rumor Honeybottoms in Honeycomb Herald

“Elevator” level going up the tower! Don’t get engulfed by the honey at the bottom!

Phase 1. You’ll have a Yellow bee and a blue police bee flying at you that you need to dodge. Blue bee will pull out a “bomb” that will float around, and when it explodes it shoots 6 projectiles out in a hexagon form.

Phase 2.
a. Bee will show her face, hit her body at the top of the screen. She will shoot “bullet bills” out of her mouth, that will work their way side to side and up and at you. There are usually 2 at a time working their way halfway across, then up and around the other direction.

b. Bee will have a wand, making orbs that float around trying to hit you. The smoke bomb charm comes in handy here to dash past them without taking damage. She will make triangles appear as well, beware the 3 projectiles coming out from the points!

Phase 3. Bee will get angry, and turn into a plane. It will shoot fists out of the 2 engines, working their way up at you and across.



Captain Brineybeard in Shootin N Lootin

Phase 1. Several things to watch out for here. The safest place seems to be right against his boat dodging when needed.
a. Oh lets call him who he is. Bluto will lower a barrel at you trying to hit you.
b. He will also take out his soaker and shoot projectiles at you.
c. When he whistles beware that a shark will jump on the dock from the left and reach about halfway across the dock.
c-2. The second time he whistles a squid will jump up and throw ink at the screen, making it darker. d. Beware of chewing noises, as the boat will spit a cannonball at you that you will need to jump over.
e. When you see the telescope, dogfish will start jumping out of the water by the boat and slide across the dock at you.
f. If he whistles the squid will start blinding you again.

Phase 2.
Foghorn will sound, and the boat will raise. I recommend heat seeking ammo here.
a. Bubbles will come at you in a circular motion. Beware when the boat closes its mouth. When it opens it will be FIRIN ITS LAZER. Duck it.



Dr. Kahl’s Robot in Junkyard Jive! (airplane level)

Phase 1. A few things here to watch out for.
a. His satellite on top will shoot a laser projectile at you. The yellow is it’s aiming, the actual beam will broaden all the way down.
b. He will shoot a canister out of the middle slot that will shoot its own lazer. (parryable)
c. He will shoot a rocket bomb out of the lower slot. It will loop and come back at you.
d. When you see the robots arms extend to the floor, beware as he will come back in the middle of the screen from the left. It will extend all the way to his body.

Phase 2. The robot head will turn into a cannon. Shoot the extended heart. He will launch bolts as projectiles. Meanwhile the bombs and arms will continue. The robot hands will shoot projectiles up and down.

Phase 3. His robot head will shoot off. It will fly around, shooting the rocket bombs still. A hand will extend, and a jewell will shoot several projectiles at you. Don’t forget to take advantage of “y” to be tiny and maneuverable. Also beware a wall extending to block your path if you are too far to the left. It can come from the top or bottom.



Werner Werman in Murine Corps

Phase 1. He will shoot bombs at you. When they hit the ground they spawn flames that go in both directions. He shoots more projectiles in an arc thats easy enough to dodge through with smoke bomb. Smoke bomb is also useful to dodge his full screen charge, which is signaled by him raising his hand.

Phase 2.
a. When he raises his lift a board will appear in the middle. He will flame out fire in both directions, both low and high.
b. You will have noticed the pop bottlecaps around the edges of the screen. These will protrude in a sawlike manner that you will have to dodge.

Phase 3.
You will see the eyeballs are a cat. They eat the mouse, and now his ghosts are still angry at you.
They will drop projectiles, and when they hit the floor they create projetiles left and right as well. The cat himself tries to reach out and grab you with his arms. All this including boards dropping from the ceiling make for a challenging dodging game.



Sally Stageplay in Dramatic Fanatic

Phase1. She teleports! Smoke Bomb is recommended here.
a. She will blow hearts that flow in a signal wave fashion.
b. Her umbrella shoots a projectile. It will stick in the ground and fan out a bit.
c. She can jump and spin at you at an angle in your direction.

Phase 2.
a. Watch out for the windows in the background, they will lob bottle projectiles at you straight down.
b. Wind up mice come from the her umbrella, one goes left and one goes right. They will extend to the roof, and come back down at you.

Phase 3.
(Orange dress form) She will summon a meteor, and it will spawn props of lightning and guys running with waves of water.

Phase 4.
(Angel with halo form) Her umbrella will fall to the ground, spinning and girating back and forth. Flowers will also drop at you.



Cala Maria in High Seas Hi-Jinx!

Phase 1.
a. She will raise her hand and summon a turtle. He will shoot a seamine, that will explode into 8 projectiles.
b. She will summon 3 pirate ghosts projetiles out of her mouth.
c. She will raise her hand and summon a seahorse, that spouts water at you and raises you up!
d. She holds a fish that will shoot 6 projectiles spread out at you. Its over when she drops it.
e. She will raise her hand, and porcupine puffer fish will raise from the ground. Dodging these can be done by staying at the left most of the screen and going right when necessary, but gets harder when she shoots the pirate ghosts again.

Phase 2. Starts when eels shock her. She will have an attack that electrifies or more appropriately petrifies you, as you can’t move for 3 seconds. Her head detatches from her body. The octopus tentacle on her head will shoot skulls and they petrify ray at you (annoying) All while having to dodge the spiky obstacles coming at you. Try to stay in the center, as if you are unable to move you are more likely to dodge them there.



Phantom Express in Railroad Wrath

Phase 1. The pumpkin on top will drop blocks at you. If it hits the turnwheel on the cart you are on it will reposition it forward. Parry it yourself to change your carts postiion. The eyes the ghost bounce at you are easiest to dodge in the further back position.

Phase 2. There will be three cars, and 3 cart positions. His head is in the middle, with the 2 arms on either side. Parry the wheel to change positions, dealing with the pumpkin all the while. His head will change positions, so change your cart accordingly.

Phase 3.
A little nervewracking in that the 2 heads at either end will start an electric attack, and go all the way to the other side of the screen. Change positions all while dealing with the ghost projectile. Focus on defeating on head at a time, this will make this part much easier.

Phase 4.
The engine. Parry his tail to reveal his heart inside. His nose will shoot out bone wheels, and it will spin ground level back at you. While the engine is closed it will spout little fire projectiles down at you as well.

Masoleum III. reward: super art III: Giant Ghost – Maneuver your spirit and body simultaneously for maximum damage.
Another simple parry the ghosts. Watch out for the big ones they will spawn smaller ones.

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