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Cyberpunk 2077 – Xbox Controls & Controller Layout

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Xbox One Controls & Xbox Controller Layout

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Control Scheme

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Aim (Ranged) Hold LT
Aim Combat Gadget Hold RB
Block (Melee) Hold LT
Call Vehicle Right on d-pad
Crouch B
Dialog Down Down on d-pad
Dialog Up Up on d-pad
Draw Weapon Y
Game Menu View Button
Holster Weapon Double-tap Y
Jump A
Look Around Right analog stick
Move Left analog stick
Open Garage Hold right on d-pad
Open Notifications Left on d-pad
Pause Menu Menu
Phone Menu Hold down on d-pad
Photo Mode LS and RS
Quick Scan LB
Quick-Access Menu Hold Y
Reload X
Scanning Mode Hold LB
Shoot / Fast Attack RT
Skip Cutscenes Hold B
Skip Dialog B
Strong Melee Attack Hold RT
Use Combat Gadget RB
Use Item D-pad Up
Zoom In (while aiming) Up on d-pad
Zoom Out (while aiming) Down on d-pad


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