Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Board Game Cards and Their Effects


Board Cards and Their Effects

While you advance on the board, you will randomly receive cards in two ways. Either by a random event with the monokubz or encountering another character. If you get the monokubz, the card received will be completely random, however characters give a specific one when encountered.



Move 0: Self explanatory
Move 1: Self explanatory
Move 2: Self explanatory
Move 3: Self explanatory
Move 4: Self explanatory
Move 5: Self explanatory
Move 6: Self explanatory
Straight: move until reaching a corner
Success: surgery will result in success
Hope: Do not lose stats if you land in a despair square
Goodbye: change locations of other characters
Double Square: next square value is doubled
Encounter: move until you encounter someone
Course Change: : Jump to a square of another course
High Jump: Jump to a random square
Double move: : value of what you roll/move card you choose, is doubled

Character specific Cards DR 1
Makoto: Move 1
Leon: Course Change
Hifumi: Move 6
Byakuya: Success
Kiyotaka: Move 2
Chihiro: Encounter
Mondo: Straight
Yasuhiro: Goodbye
Sayaka: Move 5
Celeste: Double Square
Sakura: Double Move
Asahina: Move 4
Junko: Double Move
Mukuro: Double Move
Kyoko: Move 3
Toko: Move 0
Genocider Syo: High Jump
Monokuma: Double Square

Character specific Cards DR 2
Hajime: Move 2
Nagito: Hope
Nekomaru: Double Move
Gundham: Encounter
Souda: Move 1
Fuyuhiko: High Jump
Togami Imposter: Double square
Teruteru: Move 5
Ibuki: Move 4
Mahiru: Move 6
Peko: Straight
Hiyoko: Course Change
Mikan: Success
Chiaki: Move 0
Akane: Straight
Sonia: High Jump
Usami: Double Square
Monomi: Double Move
Izuru: Success

Character Specific Cards DR v3
Shuichi: Move 3
Ouma: Double Square
Ryoma: Goodbye
Rantaro: Move 2
Gonta: Straight
Korekiyo: Course Change
Kaito: High Jump
Kibo: Hope
Kaede: Move 3
Miu: Success
Maki: Move 5
Tsumugi: Move 4
Himiko: Move 0
Tenko: Double Move
Angie: Move 1
Kirumi: Move 6

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