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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Hidden Monokumas Locations

30 September 2017, Saturday, 14:52:00


Hidden Monokumas Locations

Chapter 1
1. Inside the girls bathroom
2. On a tables between the dining hall and the gym
3. Outside the dorms, on a bench near the undercover area
4. In the game room
5. In the first Hangman’s Gambit minigame, as one of the orbs

Chapter 2
1. In the warehouse on a shelf to the upper left side
2. In the Ultimate Inventor’s lab, may have to slap away some obstacles to find it
3. In the area near Maki’s lab, under a bench
4. Outside, near the exterior dining hall entrance, under the fence off the footpath
5. During the first Psyche Taxi, must hit him with the car

Chapter 3
1. The boiler room, near the manhole
2. In front of the red doors of the hall of justice (trial grounds)
4. In the Ultimate Pianist room
3. In the grass right of the Monosutra Hotel
5. Hidden in the first Mind Mine minigame, in a randomised location

Chapter 4
1. In the basement, right next to the stairs
2. In the Dojo
3. In the second floor, on one of the railings looking over the front door
4. In the dorms, on the stairs
5. In the Hangman’s Gambit minigame

Chapter 5
1. In the middle of the Ultimate Robot lab
2. On the fifth floor, outside the Ultimate Detective Lab
3. On the fourth floor, on the headless statue near the stairs to the fifth floor
4. In the Ultimate Cosplayer lab, on top of the filiming set
5. During the Psyche Taxi minigame (again, hit him with your car)

Chapter 6
1. Outside, in the air behind the swimming pool
2. Fifth floor, on the staircase as you come up from the fourth floor
3. Sixth floor, on the spiral staircase
4. First floor, near the entrance
5. During the Mind Mine minigame

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