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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony – Lie Bullet Guide

9 October 2017, Monday, 19:21:27


Lie Bullet Guide

This guide is intended to be a resource for people who want to figure out on their own which Lie Bullets to use, so they can easily check what the corresponding lie is to each bullet.


Chapter 1

Monokuma File 1 – Monokubs File 1
Moving Bookcase – Immobile Bookcase
Card Reader Dust – Clean Card Reader
Receiver on Shuichi – Receiver on Kaede
Stacked Books – Single Book
Library Vent – Blocked Vent
Promotional Video BGM – Warning Video BGM
Rantaro’s Belongings – Rantaro’s Card Key
Bloody Shot Put Ball – Clean Shot Put Ball
Maki’s Account – N/A
Sliding Door – N/A
Lookout Classroom – Normal Classroom
Classroom Vent – N/A
Korekiyo’s Account – N/A
K1-B0’s Account – N/A
Front Entrance Photos – N/A
Rear Entrance Photos – N/A
Hidden Door Photos – N/A


Chapter 2

Monokuma File 2 – Monokubs File 2
Scratched Handcuffs – Pristine Handcuffs
Square Glass Pane – Round Glass Pane
Crammed Piranhas – Free Piranhas
Marked Window Frame – N/A
Piranha Tank – Empty Tank
Gonta’s Account – Gonta’s Lie
Insect Meet and Greet – Insect Flee and Plead
Wet Staircase – Dry Staircase
Black Piece of Fabric – White Piece of Fabric
Maki Alone – Maki Not Alone
Witnessing Ryoma – Overlooking Ryoma
Scratched Sink – N/A
Tennis Net Cable – N/A
Kokichi’s Account – Kokichi’s Lie
Water Tank Trick – Magic Water Tank
Pool Rules – Swimming at Night
Alibis For Yesterday – My Alibi for Nighttime


Chapter 3

Monokuma File 3 – Monokubs File 3
Forehead Injury – Injury on Back of Head
Bloody Duct Tape – N/A
Effigies Hung Upside-down – Effigies Hung Normally
Gold Leaf Katana – Gold Leaf Replica
Art Lab’s Front Door – Opened From Outside
Art Lab’s Back Door – Opened From Outside
Kokichi’s Lockpicking – Kokichi Can’t Lockpick
Necronomicon – Holy Book
Tsumugi’s Account – Tsumugi’s Lie
The Caged Child – Caged Dog Village
Keebo’s Flashlight Function – Flashlight Drawbacks
Tenko’s Last Moments – Tenko Died Instantly
Marker Stone – Normal Stone
Loose Floorboard – Secure Floorboard
Sound During Seance – Silent Seance
Iron Cage – Insect Cage
White Sheet – Bloodstained Sheet
Dog Statue – Cat Statue
Magic Circle Korekiyo Drew – Magic Circle Shuichi Drew
Hole In The Corner – Hole in the Middle
Crosspiece Under the Floor – Snapped Crosspiece
Sickle Under the Floor – Knife Under the Floor


Chapter 4

Monokuma File 4 – Monokubs File 4
Kaito’s Account – Kaito’s Lie
Small Bottle of Poison – Small Antidote Bottle
Events At The Chapel – N/A
Tsumugi’s Account – Tsumugi’s Lie
Loud Noise – Soft Noise
Miu’s Corpse – Miu Alive
Killing Game Simulator – Hope Restoration Simulator
Login/Logout Record – Login/Logout Forgery
Device Instructions – N/A
Map of the Mansion – Fake Map of the Mansion
Map of the World – Fake Map of the World
Toilet Paper – Tissue Paper
Signboard Used as a Bridge – Signboard Used as a Sign
Miu’s Avatar – Miu’s Real Body
Hammer – Squeaky Hammer
Cell Phone – Payphone
Lattice Near the Chapel – Lattice Near the Mansion
Miu and Kokichi’s Meeting – Miu Didn’t Meet Kokichi
Kokichi In the Salon – Kokichi Not in the Salon
Wall Added by Miu – Wall Removed by Miu
Setting on Kokichi’s Avatar – Kokichi’s Normal Avatar
Avatar Error – No Avatar Error


Chapter 5

Monokuma File 5 – Monokubs File 5
Hydraulic Press – Broken Press
Safety Function – Danger Function
Kaito’s Coat – Kokichi’s Uniform
Swipe Pattern Bloodstain – Undisturbed Bloodstain
Hatch’s Electronic Lock – Unlocked Hatch
Bloodstain in the Bathroom – Spotless Bathroom
Crossbow – Unknown Crossbow
Three Arrows – Arrow In 3 Pieces
Large Black Case – Small White Case
Small Empty Bottle – Large Full Bottle
Bathroom Window – Large Bathroom Window
Electrobomb – Electrohammer
Hangar’s Front Shutter – Hangar’s Back Shutter
K1-B0’s Account – K1-B0’s Lie
Used Electrohammer – Charged Electrohammer
Exisals Protecting Monokuma – Monokuma Protecting Exisals
Poison – Antidote
Kokichi’s Clothes – Kaito’s Clothes
Kokichi’s Disappearance – Kokichi Spotted
Murder Video – Survival Video


Chapter 6

History of Hope’s Peak – History of the Ultimate Academy
Kokichi’s Motive Video – Shuichi’s Motive Video
Killing Game – Killing Game Lie
Two Mysterious Messages – One Mysterious Message
Rantaro’s Video Message – Rantaro’s Video Will
Gofer Project Participant List – Gofer Project Reject List
Bugvac – N/A
Motherkuma – Fatherkuma
Hidden Door in the Library – Keyless Hidden Door
Survivor’s Perk Monopad – Victim’s Perk Monopad
Shot Put Ball with Pink Fiber – Bloody Shot Put Ball
Flashback Light Settings – N/A
Hidden Room Passageway – Normal Room Passageway
Motherkuma’s Voiceprint System – Motherkuma’s Fingerprint System
Final Picture of Rantaro – Picture of Rantaro’s Corpse
The Sixth Monokub – The Seventh Monokub
Clues to the Mastermind – Clue to the Victim
Hope – Despair
Use Our Lives – Don’t Use Our Lives
Continue the Game – Stop the Game


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