Dark and Light – Advanced Taming Guide – Elemental and Spirit Taming


Advanced Taming – Elemental and Spirit Taming
What do you need?
-A soul stone (3 sizes available).
-A summoning pool at your base.
-Lots of ores and magic shards.
-You equip ready for fights with those things.


How to do it then?
-You simply pick one elemental you would like and separate it from the rest of its kind (kill the others).
-When you got a more friendly area and are restored, you start the fight with your soon-to-be-tame.
-Bring it down to low-HP and use the soul-stone on it (like a weapon – one time click).
-You should know that you have captured its soul (if not, do more damage to it – the game will tell you that it has to much HP left).
-The stone now holds the soul and should tell you the needed materials for the revival at the pool (ores and shards). Bring it there and start the revival (takes quite a lot of time).

Not that hard if you are able to fight those things. The hardest part is getting the skill level for it.

Note: *** I read that this is bugged for SP servers somehow and will not work. Have not tried myself, just telling ***


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