Dark and Light – Basic Resources Guide


Basic Resources

How to Get Resources (Including Barrels) – Best Results
Barrels are found in cities and contain gold coins or apples. You harvest them with your bare hands.


Tier 0 Resources – Grass & Straw
-Use bare hands on grass, brushes, flowers, and such.
-You will get grass, straw, magic shards, stone, twine and wood (in that order of likelihood). With that you can craft your first tools.


Tier 1 Resources – Stone, Wood Magic Shards, Twine (Rattan), Berries, Apples, Flowers
-Use an axe on stone (Stone)
-Use an axe on trees (Wood + Apples)
-Use a staff with Drainmagic equipped on anything BUT grass/bushes (Magic Shards)
-Use a pickaxe on trees (Twine)
-Use bare hands on bushes (Blueberries)
-Use a sword on grass/bushes (Flowers)
-Using tames like a boar or using iron scythe will improve gather rates for some tier 0 & 1.
-Dark Wraith Scythe is an even better upgrade. It is a rare drop from the grim reaper looking mobs that can spawn from meteorite crashes. They give pretty good drops in general. Must search body before harvesting.


Tier 2 Resources – Ores
-Use a pickaxe on stones/ore nodes. You can obtain higher tier ores from lower tier nodes, just more rare.
-Copper – Stone < Copper nodes (Brown rocks with green streaks) found generally everywhere but more commonly along mountain/hill paths




Iron – Copper nodes < Iron nodes (Silver-grey stalagmite rocks) found generally on top of hills or along mountain paths.




Mithril – Iron nodes < Mithril nodes (super fat round versions of iron nodes) found generally on top of mountains. High likelihood of needing a flyer/creatures that scale walls to reach areas that have abundance of them.




Dark shard – Dark shard nodes ONLY (Black rocks) found generally in ruins/caves.




Light shard – Light shard nodes ONLY (translucent sky blue crystals) found generally around special landmarks e.g. The small lake near a red rift relatively close to human spawn.




Tier 3 Resources (Potentially life-threatening) – Meat, Fur, Bones
-Search bodies before harvesting for any potential extra loot, especially Dark Wraiths.
-Use (pickaxe < tame) on dead animals/players/NPCs. (Meat) Better way would be a tame like the Hyenas.
-Use the (axe < sickle < tames < scythe) on dead animals (Fur)
-Use (pickaxe < iron dagger < tame) on dead animals (Hide + Bones)


How to get farming stuff like seeds?
Use an iron scythe (that is crafted with copper ore lmao) on bushes. a waaaaaaaaay better way is using the Dark Wraith Scythe.

Dark and Light – Advanced Resources (Crafted Resources) Guide

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