Dark and Light – Beginner’s Guide to Stats


Beginner’s Guide to Stats

Combat and Survival Stats

Health: Should be pretty obvious. More means you are able to tank more damage. 1 point increases 10.


Attack: This refers to MELEE attack. So only melee weapons/tools are affected by it. The higher the value, the more damage you deal and a bonus effect is that harvesting with tools give more resources. 1 point increases 5%.


Mana: This refers to the total mana pool you have to be used for casting magic. Dropping this to zero/extremely low values means that you can’t cast anymore magic. Refilled with focus. 1 point increases 10.


Constitution: This is the same as torpor. If this reaches the maximum value, you become unconscious (unable to move) until it drops to 0. 1 point increases 10.




Stamina: This allows you to perform actions(attacking/running/harvesting) in a row. If this reaches 0, you move slower than walking and start to gain consititution if you continue performing actions. 1 point increases 10.


Hunger: Decreases over time and used to refill some stamina. Decreases very fast when you are cold. Recover it by eating food. 1 point increases 10.


Focus: Decreases over time and used to refill Mana. Recover by eating flowers/elixers or sleeping in a bed-related item.1 point increases 10.


Weight: Allows you to carry more stuff. Carrying more than the total weight will cause you to be “encumbered” and thus have a movement speed penalty + being unable to run. The more you carry past the limit the larger the penalty to the point you are unable to move. 1 point increases by 10.


Thirst: Decreases over time and used to refill some stamina. Decreases very fast when you are hot. Recover by drinking water from a glass bottle (two charges before needing to be refilled), standing in rain or swimming in a water pool that has a water level that is above your head.

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