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Dark And Light – Bugs, Problems and Solutions

30 July 2017, Sunday, 0:40:47


Bugs, Problems and Solutions

Q: My skybox is shiny, bright and purple.
A: This is a tough one… For me it helped to downgrade my NVIDIA drivers and set the skybox to medium as well as turn on the high quality setting on the right side. But this method did not work for my friend nor others on the forums and server. Better check out the forums for that, it highly depends on your hardware.

Q: My FPS is not great and/or graphics looks bad.
A: Yeah well, play around with the graphic settings – I can’t really help you here as it is hardware specific.

Q: Skills and Tasks are not written down for me – Translations are missing/horrible.
A: When you open the Skill menu “U”, look at the prerequisites for your skills. If you only see codes, numbers and such, that is because your steam is set to a language that is not english or (simple) Chinese. This is a bug.
Change it in steam or for the game only in your steam library.

Q: Loading screen takes forever and crashes.
A: The loading screen is also a queue screen, be patient. It takes the longest the first time you load into the game after you started your PC, from there on it gets better.
Do not tab out or try to open the overlay… (duh!)

Q: My town has no vendors!
A: They are dead Jim (and someone tried to take their non-existing loot). Will be patched (hopefully). For people in unofficial servers, there have been reports where they respawn after the server has stopped and restarted.

Q: My doors are gone, structure parts are missing, etc…
A: If this happened after you logged in, do not worry it is just not loaded yet. Best way to speed things up is to go away and come back to the spot or simply die and respawn.

Q: I cannot harvest stuff even after hacking at it for the past 3 minutes.
A: Lag and the horrid harvest system (from Ark) do that. Move around a bit, use the secondary attack of axe and/or sword or simply die and and reset your character. Crouching beside the resource or restarting your PC also helps.

Q: This mob can’t die!
A: Some of the enemies have relativelt very large health pools, e.g. horses, Dark Wraiths (those grim reaper fellows that can spawn from a meteorite crash). As a total newb, be careful of all mobs and note that there should be a red damage number when you deal damage to the mob. Else your hits are just not registering. Secondary attack for sword registers hits better than primary, but it consumes way more stamina.

Q: Is there any way to power level?
A: To get EXP fast you need to kill stuff (no, not NPCs or players). Being part of a house (tribe) will give you shard EXP when close to your mates.

Q: How do I rank up X skill to craft X item?
A: Leveling up will not give you crafting skills. To get skills up faster you need to gather and craft (sometimes kill e.g. flyers for air magic). If you have access to tames, that might help you! Note that you only gain EXP in that skill of the skill percentage appears in the bottom left hand of the screen while you are doing a particular action. If it’s not there, it doesn’t work.

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