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Dark and Light – Characters, Factions and Houses (Tribes/Guilds)


Characters, Factions, and Houses (Tribes/Guilds)

-To get the house seal craftable (need a workbench), you need to start a tribe or invite someone to a tribe or alliance.


-To get the war flag craftable, you need to craft a house seal.


-Characters are server-bound. Do not expect them to carry over soon.


-There are no races, nor are there any faction bonuses (at least currently).


-You can build your character as you wish or use templates for elves, dwarfs or humans if you like.


-The three factions are enemies (always red) and can not enter a house (tribe, whatever) together. Be sure to pick the same faction as your friends.


-You can not change the faction atm.


-No matter what you build your character to look like when you pick, e.g., the human faction you are referred to as human (no matter how dwavishly long your beard is)


-You can form your own house by pressing “P” or navigating through any of the other menus.


-The name of your house can be changed, but all structures will not carry over. Be mindful not to lose your structures just because you want to change the name of your house.


-Similar to the above, the resetting potion (the green potion that allows you to respect stats) has a bug (hopefully) where it will also reset your crafting skills. It means you would have to re-level them all over from scratch to craft higher-tier stuff.


-You can invite ppl by walking up to them and holding “E.” Must be minimally a house admin.


-To accept the invite, the other person has to wait and then hold “E” on your char.


-You can leave a house under “P”.


-The house admin can change the setting under “P.” Most importantly, the creation and renaming of ranks in the system. This allows for a ‘rights’ tab for chests and stuff in a rank system from 0-9 (pretty useful).


-Every house member will not have to put in pin codes on doors and chests; they are allowed to open (from the rank system). So use codes to your liking, without fear.




-House admins can start an alliance and invite other houses via their admins.

-You will share the house-chat and see each other in blue (animals are still yellow) from a greater distance.

-So far, there are no options, so you can not use other partners’ tames, doors, or such.

-You can be in multiple alliances, and all partners share the house chat (even with tribes they are only indirectly allianced to).


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