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Dark and Light – Enemies and All About Dying

9 August 2017, Wednesday, 16:02:48


Enemies and All About Dying

Enemies can be slowed down by a spider web. You can equip it like a shield and throw it by using the key in your quick slots. Tools get repaired if you click the quick slot number and have the required materials in your inventory. Helps also at taming.

There are little goblins in this game that can knock you out and rob your stuff. You will get back up in underwear 😉 If you or a friend nearby kills them before they disappear you’ll get your stuff back.

On death you’ll loose everything in your inventory but if you are fast enough back to the place you died at, you can pick your stuff back up. There will be for short time a red beam with your corpse on the floor.

You can not kill or hurt air elementals with their own elemental magic, in this case lightning, same for fire elementals, don’t use fire spells on them, and that also applies to the correspondent spells for earth and water.

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