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Dark and Light – Farming Guide


Farming – From Seed to Feed

Obtaining Seeds

There are nine plantable ‘seeds.’


  • Darkweed Seeds (Dark)


  • Lightblossom Seeds (Light)


  • Thundergrass Seeds (Air)


  • Snow Lotus Seeds (Water)


  • Fireblossom Seeds (Fire)


  • Terra Flower Seeds (Earth)


  • Fungal Spore


  • Shrub Seedlings


  • Wheat Seeds



You can obtain them in 3 different ways:


  • Harvesting a Treant with a sickle (Darkweed and Lightblossom)


  • Harvesting with Boar/from a round orange fungal plant (Fungal Sport)


  • Harvesting bushes with a sickle (Everything else)




For a plant to grow, it needs fertilizer, a water source, and the seed itself in a crop plot. Some seeds have a minimum size requirement, i.e., shrubs and wheat can grow in any plot, but fungal spores need at least a medium, and the rest are large plots; otherwise, you will be unable to place the seed in the plot. Larger crop plots do not give you bonus growth stats, just extra space to place more fertilizer.


Fertilizers are made in compost bins, toss the stuff in, and start making fertilizer. Note that the process can take a while, and multiple different fertilizer sizes can be made simultaneously. Also, note that compost bins function as enhanced fridges for spoiled meat and grass, so you don’t have to worry much about them spoiling in the bins all too much. I advise you to make large fertilizers to save space and allow for a larger buffer time. Note that nonadult plants eat monstrous amounts of fertilizer. If you are going off, try to leave about 1 million fertilizer to a fully grown plant, a lot more if you just started growing it.


When making an irrigation network, first identify a water source (anywhere puddle on the floor where you can fill your water bottle by standing in it) close to your farm. I highly advise building from your farm towards the water source for convenience of water pipe snap points, as water pipes snap to the top of walls. If you are unsure where your water pipe is, you can try using a cross pipe to ‘look’ for where the pipe is snapping in your walls. Once you place the input pipe into the water source, ensure that the pipe ‘comes alive’ by becoming more blue/green, indicating that the input pipe is taking in water. Place an irrigation spout(wood tier) or a spigot (stone tier) on pipes above your farms to water them like sprinklers.


In the event there is no nearby water source, you would have to build water reservoirs that are not covered by anything above them. Depending on the size of your farm, the array of water reservoirs needed will increase because water reservoirs only fill themselves slowly during rain, which can also irritate your farm if it’s out in the open.



The Harvest

After about three in-game days of growing (for the highest tier plants), the plants will look very large and start slowly producing crops. Each crop will give you its respective crop name and its elemental core, i.e., Darkweed crops will give Darkweed and Dark Elemental Cores, fungal spores will give White Cap, Vigor, Nightcap(rare) and Death Cap(rare) mushroom, Wheat crops give wheat and Shrubs give cooking herb, grass and lucky clover(very rare drop). Note that the crop plots are enhanced fridges for the crops, so leave everything in there if you can help it until you need it for crafting. The crops last only minutes outside.


Note: To fully utilize a lot of feed, you probably might require a huge farm, so you might be better off just using your feed for special tames.




Most of the recipes that involve the crops use the Cooking Pot, so find the recipes there.


Acidic Extract (Alchemy 4):

4 x Thundergrass

4x Sulfur

1 x Glass Bottle(Filled)


Herbivore Feed (Taming 4 – Highest tier herbivore taming food):

3 x Snow Lotus

3x Thundergrass

30x Cooking Herb

1 x Acidic Extract


Carnivorous Feed (Taming 4 – Highest tier carnivore taming food):

3 x Fireblossoms

3 x Terra Flower

30 x Cured Meat

1 x Acidic Extract


Mystical Feed (Currently Unavailable – Taming food for Divine tier creatures)


It is possible to obtain Lucky Clover from a specific NPC vendor when upgraded sufficiently high.




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