Dark and Light – Harvesting



Use axe on trees to get wood, apples, on stone to get stone, on dead animals it gives meat, bones and hide. By the way when you farm barrels for coins at the town you’ll see that they drop lots of apples too. The barrels give most if you just use your fist on them.
Pickaxe gets used on stone and will give mainly sulfur and a few stone, on brown metal nods it either gives copper or in rare cases iron. Pickaxe used on trees gives twine (rattan), on bushes hay.
Sword used on bushes gives magic shards, berries, red flowers, grass and hay. Use your staff with the first staff head you can craft on trees and rocks to get magic shards and other resources. The draining spell of the staff can also be used on dead skeletons and reapers to get magic shards.

Throwing daggers seems to be helpful to get more hide. Use later on a tamed boar on wood to collect wood and twine, mushrooms and spores, berries too if you use him on grass patches and bushes.
Later on you can tame a hyena for getting hide, a longhorn to gather stone and grass. Longhorn can be used for pretty much every collecting except to mushrooms, seeds, meat, hide and pelt. Kebo is good for farming stone and metal. Elephants collect wood, Grut Stag gets twine and grass.
Scythe gives a lot more apples from trees, fur from animals and seeds from grass patches. Try them also out at farming cores from elementals. Mushrooms can be farmed with a boar. Fur can also be produced from tamed sheep, they craft it very slow with grass.

If you got trouble at killing or farming dead animals or metal nods and got a crosshair enabled: Aim 1-3 centimeters to the right of it to kill and farm it.

Boulder usually give stone but can give copper too if you hit it with a pickaxe, then there are brown copper nodes, which give copper and sometimes in rare cases few iron, then there are iron nodes, they are a bit spiky and give iron, rarely mithril, then there are also mithril nodes, they look like blue metall with some blue crystal or glass on top, these give mithril, lastly there are darkstone/lighstone nodes, these give darkstone/lightstone and sometimes a coresponding elemental core( light/dark), seem to be in sewers or dungeons. Lightstone is a lightblue crystal found on mountain tops, mainly at the elven area, also on top of the floating rock, but also at a place at the seaside that looks like a meteor strike hole with a few high spiky rocks around it. I saw them also in the ice region on top of the snow mountains, but even a fur armor will not help against the cold there so prepare with healing runes.

Iron Scythe is used to get fur from dead animals, to harvest seeds and straw (level15 melee crafting rank 3).
Gras patches give you straw (hay), you can also craft it in the campfire from grass. Make sure to remove it quickly or it will burn.
Bones, hide and fur are harvested from dead animals. Easiest to kill are the bramblehoppers.
Charcoal you’ll get from burned wood.
Iron and copper ingots can be crafted by smelting ore.
The forge gets unlocked at level 15 in survival skill rank 4.
Mithril ingots are smelted from silica powder.
Quarz sand is used for glass items, crafted in the morter with stone.
Sulfur ore is mined from boulders.
Sulfur powder is flammable powder. Used for explosives and staff magic. Crafted in the morter.
The more attack skill you level the more recources you’ll get.
To get more detailed informations about your crafting menu press Q when you are in your inventory.

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