Dark and Light – How to Get Better Tools and Armor Faster


How to Get Better Tools and Armor Faster
For better tools and armor you need a workbench.
Since the workbench is not part of a rented house and you can only place it on foundations (which you cannot place in Cities), you would need a physical house of your own first (not to mention the levels and skills).


But there is an easier way:
-Each city has crafting stations. They basically work like workbenches and magic workbenches, but are split up into crafting jobs.
-So if you want to craft armor, you need to go to the armory (or the equivalent in other factions).
-Bring the resources there and craft what you like. Be mindful though that you will still need the copper and iron bars smelted at a forge.
-As of now, you can’t repair at those stations for some reason, just so you know.
-For Iron Greatsword, you would have to craft it at a Cyclops Workbench. You have to find it in the world (Rough location: (its near Elf city by the big trees) and then bring the items to craft it. It takes 1 real-time hour to craft it. Alternatively, you can get your Smith in your town to max rank (I believe it is 13), and then you can purchase it for 1200 gold.

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