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Dark And Light – How to Live in the City?

29 July 2017, Saturday, 11:50:55


Life in the City?
If you are a solo player or one of those ppl that do not like PvP but still play on PvP-servers (…) you might want to consider living in the City!

-The city features basic resources like the world. You can run in circles and gather stuff.
-The city also has barrels for apples and gold.
-There are no mobs in the city unless there is an event or someone pulled them inside (nasty with flyers like griffins, since the guards are terrible at killing those).
-Dead or unconcious ppl in the city can be gathered with “G”, stacked and used for meat!
-Cities have vendors, where you can sell things.
-The vendor only buy what he/she shows and a minimum amount e.g. 100 wood (not 5, not 23, not grass… you get the point)
-To make it even harder, the vendor will only buy from one person per ingame day-night-circle. So if someone sold 100 wood just before you got, there you have to wait.
-Make yourself familiar with the locations and what they buy.
-You can DONATE to vendors and raise their level of approval towards you.
-When a vendor levels up he/she will have the sell/buy resetted (for you).
-A leveled up vendor sells better stuff (especialy usefull on the cook for the food and restore drinks).
-Donations also help the city to grow and get more NPCs and such (but I am not sure how this works – since nearly no one donates ^^)
-If you kill a vendor, he/she is dead and stays that way (no loot), crippeling your faction (hopefully this gets patched some day…)
-Near the stable, you will find horses, with a price on them. You can buy those and they come with a saddle in their inventory.
-When sprinting, horses do trample damage! ALSO TO GUARDS! Be careful of how you run around on your horse in cities.
-If attacked, the horses at the stable will not run away and simply die. –Great resource of hide, since they respawn!
-You are NOT safe in the city. If someone attacks you, the guards will not step in.
-If you attack an NPC he/she will run or fight back. The guards are the only ones that fight back (and they will most likely win).
-To rent a house (buildings you wanna live in) you need to be in a house (tribe). Then just walk up to the board in front of the house and bring the amount of gold. The shown time means real days not in-game ones. Currently abit buggy.


Why Not to Live In the City?
City life is nice and all but you are missing out (at least when you are hitting higher levels).

-Unable to grow crops for mushrooms and such for higher tier crafting, must depend on bartering with other players/raiding/etc
-Unable to build a workbench, a magic workbench and a fireplace (also for crafting)
-Difficult to store tames (just not enough room)
-Unable to build Summoning portals, House seals, Turrets, etc.
-Unable to build a larder box. This one is especially important but to store food it is advised to use feeding troughs or tames, because the larder box just does not work that good. The crafting of smoked meat in it is also broken atm has a weird bug. You can craft using sulfur powder, not silica.

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