Dark and Light – How to Protect Your Stuff?


How to protect your stuff
The first thing you need to realise, is that you will be unconcious when you log out and can simply be looted. -> Get somewhere save and/or hide well!


Things to keep in mind:
-It uses the same engine as Ark, but it is a 2 year old version. SO all glitches and bugs used for exploits are possible to occur (right now).
-There is no offline raid protection other then the house seal.
-Meteroite mobs will go for you, your tames, turrets or spikes. So if you are close to them, you better not build turrets and spikes (as it can aggro to them) and take your tames with you. Or you could build some place else.
-Doors, gates, archer gates and windows can not be opend by other players (tribe mates ofc can open them, but even alliance partners can not).
-Players can (for the moment) bug into your house (like in Ark before they fixed it – kind of). They can also walk close to your door and adjust the camera so that you can look through it.
-Your structures will be demolishable, after some days (5?) if you do not use them.
-Noob-areas (around Cities) have a higher player-count and lots of low-levels that got nothing to loose in raids and fights.
-Structures can be damaged by all means at all times. No protection of stone vs. stone-tools or something.
-Tames glitch into structures when they attack and can be damaged from the inside. (for now)
-Tames with attacks like firebreath can use their breath with their head glitched inside … (for now).
-Tools and weapons will do up to 600 dmg on straw-structures, depending on the melee stat and the kind of tool or weapon. The dmg gets more or less halfed down each tier (wood, stone, reinforced stone, manors).
-Tames will do around 20-100 dmg (Bargesh, boar, spider, etc) or 80-300 (griffin, panther, etc), to straw structures. This will also be halfed with tiers.
-Spells like telekinesis or shapeshift will give the opertunity to get into houses for more easy while on foot. Telekinesis does 2.500 dmg on wood for example and teh panther-form give you the power of a panther (so 80-500 on straw per attack – depending on if its LMB, RMB or crouch).
-If you do not have stuff and you can not get a seal, you can always try to let your house look like it is broken open already.
-You can hide higher tier houses in lower tier houses.
-You can make hidden rooms or simply empty rooms. A lot of small rooms and walls inside on multiple floors are a pain for random looters.
-Multiple walls or spikes can help.
-You can simply leave your doors open and the benches open for everyone to use.


House logs
House logs (and alliance logs if they work some day) will show you …
… who you got killed by
… who killed your pets
… what member, demolished something
If you get raided and you or your pets die, you know who it was. You should consider makeing them pay and why not bring an allaince too? 😉
A tame placed to defend and aggro with low HP could give you the name of a raider.
You will not see who stole from you or destroyed some off your structures. This makes raiding harder (unless there is no revenge anyway).


Pin codes
Pin coded stuff like windows, doors, chests, etc. can not be opend by other players without the right code. If you get the right code you can open and shut as you please.
The problem with pin codes is that the game so far does not offer a protection vs putting in the wrong number … Ark had to hot-fix patch this when they discovered players useing scripts to open all doors and such 8likely these Devs will too, at some point).
For now: Do not code doors, gates and such. You can pincode chests (because it is also possible to glitch into houses right now and someone stuck inside can access your chests that teleport out if they are not coded.


House seals
To craft a house seal you need to either open a tribe or invite ppl to one (one time). You can then craft it at a workbench.
The seal creates a bubble-shield with a radius of around 4 foundations. So your max size protected house would be 9x9x9. I would recommand 9x9x6 (6 because floors that are only 1 wall high are horrible to navigate through) with the seal in the center on floor 2 (middle).
The seal will only work if turned on and fueld by magic essences. In a RL day it takes 36-40 essences to not shut off.
To get an essence you need to craft a glasbottle (in inventory from quarz sand, sulfur powder and charcoal), fill it with water (just stand in teh water and righclick in on teh bottle in your inventory – rain works too) and craft it with 10 (formaly 15) magic shards at the magic workbench.
To get through a shield, ppl need to declare war on you. You can build the war flag, after you build your first house seal and it can be crafted in an active house seal (house workbench). You throw it like a spear (hold and release RMB) and have to hit teh enemy structure (you can pick it backk up when your run over it). Then a 12 hour timer starts.
As it is now (i can only guess here) the party that got the declaration of war has 12 hours, to accept the war, if not there is no war. This makes sealed houses untouchable right now (unless the ppl inside want to fight the war).


Turrets are powered by a generator. This generator determins the kind of damage teh turrets do by useing elemental-essences (e.g. ice slows, fire burns, …).
The range is higher then the claim range of your house and the damage is quiet good, but the ammo and power for the gen is expensive.
Flyers can dodge the shoots, shields can block them, druidarmor and such will give protection, …, …, …, …
-> Try building them inside instead. This will also be a nice surprise for the first tame to glitch in while hitting the walls.


You got spike barricades and spike wall-mounts. Those are ok, because they need to destroyed seperatly, but they will not stop an attack for long because you can damage them just as you can damage walls and such.
They will keep random-raiders off pretty good.
Keep in mind though, that spike will aggro mobs and are a go-to-target for meteroite spawns.

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