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Dark and Light – How to Sleep

25 July 2017, Tuesday, 19:05:50


How To Sleep
So you’ve been wondering how to sleep to stay alive. All out of focus and no hope in sight, you just go ahead and die, hoping you get back to your body before someone loots you over.

Well don’t worry about that anymore, we’ve got you covered in this very simple, basic guide!

There are currently 3 ways to sleep in game, Rented House Beds, Bedrolls, and Crafted Beds.

When you first start out there is only one option for you, that’s renting a house. Unfortunately the houses are bugged, so once you sleep in the bed once, it’s done, you can’t sleep again. So this is a last resort type of deal.

Bedrolls take a little time to get, just level up your survival skill tree. Once you get a bedroll, either from crafting it yourself or buying from someone on your server, it’s invaluable. You can place these down nearly anywhere (except inside a rented house) and sleep in them. Once you do, pick it up and place it back down and you can sleep again! You cannot sleep in it twice in a row, so if you sleep in it, your buddy cannot until he picks it up and puts it back down!

Crafted Beds work the same as bedrolls, but are further down the line in progression.

Until you are able to craft bedrolls, it is recommended that you find somewhere either in town or out that you can hide in order to use the main esc menu to suicide and run back to your body. Until they fix the rented houses, or make bedrolls easier/lower level to craft, this seems to be the only option for a lot of people.

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