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Dark and Light – How to Survive Guide

29 July 2017, Saturday, 12:00:08


How to Survive? Sleep Is For the Weak!
To survive in this world, you need to take care of the level of your current stats on the lower right.
Most important survival stats are hunger, thirst and focus.


The basic mechanics are simple:
-Hunger, thirst and focus drain as long as you are ingame.
-Whenever you use stamina and your character regains it, you will loose hunger and thirst.
-Whenever you use mana and your character refills it, your focus will be drained.
-Whenever you are too cold, you use more hunger (shivering). Too hot and you use more thirst (sweating).
-This means that the more you sprint, spam attacks or cast, the more supplies you will need.


To regain Hunger
-You will simply need to eat (duh!).
-If you want to regain lets say 100 hunger with berries, that would take around 75ish (no, not 3!), so you might want to gather a lot or simply cook some meat.


To regain Thirst
-You need to dive into the water (head under).
-Pretty early on, you can craft berry jam (45 berries and some grass). This will refill hunger and thirst, but be careful, it spoils very quickly, craft it only when you need it!
-Later on, you can craft glass bottles that you can fill with water (just rightclick in your inventory when your feet barely touch teh water ^^). A bottle weights 0.10, has 2 uses and is refillable.


To regain Focus
-You need to sleep or eat flowers.
-Sleeping is only possible in a Bedroll, canopy or Bed, but sometimes you’re in a situation where none of those things is in reach for you to build…
-To add up on that problem, there is a bug that if you use a bed/bedroll/etc once, it will not work again. Luckily you can pick a damaged bedroll (that you crafted yourself) back up and place it down again. There are tiny robots that repairs the bedroll back to full hp (hooray) and you can go back to sleep!
-But as the title suggests: Sleep is for the weak! -> Just eat flowers (around 100 to fill 100 focus) that you gain by harvesting grass/brushes with a sword (you also get some berries and grass with it so you basicly do that to survive all the time).
-Later on, you can buy focus elixirs from vendors if you donate enough or craft them yourself. No more spam flower eating!

Lastly, let me remind you that you will not “leave” the server when go offline like Maplestory or WoW. Your character is just unconcious and free to loot as well as drag around. Get some place safe.

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