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Dark and Light – How to Use The Larder Box

25 July 2017, Tuesday, 18:47:02


How to Use The Larder Box

So you decided you needed a larder box to make cured meat, but noticed it says to use Scilica Powder to power it. You throw that powder in and nothing happens.

Wrong. The text does indeed say Scilica Powder, but infact it doesn’t use it at all. In order to use your Larder Box, put Sulfur Powder (made from Sulfur in a Mortar) and it will turn on and work just fine!

The Larder box works the same as in ARK for the Preserving Bin. Put the Sulfur Powder in, put items in you wish to extend the spoilage timer on. Or, put meat in and begin crafting the cured meat.

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